Is it possible for human beings to live forever? When scientists calculate in three ways, the answer is disappointing

Life is the most mysterious thing among the countless things born since the big bang. Among life, intelligent life is a high-level life and a powerful life standing at the top of the life chain. Although we do not know the origin of life in the universe and the evolutionary process of life, we know that both low-level life and high-level life need to abide by a basic law: the law of life.

From the moment of birth, death has been waving to us. One day, we will all join the embrace of death. The only difference is that different lives have different lifespans. Some lives are very short, maybe only a few hours, while others have a relatively long lifespan, which can reach hundreds of years.

Human beings are intelligent life, the overlord of the earth, and creatures at the top of the food chain. When human beings have self-consciousness, nature is not willing to be restricted by the law of life and death, expecting to live forever and achieve immortality. So is it possible for human beings to achieve immortality? Perhaps in the eyes of many people, there are no rules that can’t be broken. Human beings rely on the power of science and technology to break the rules one by one. Naturally, the law of life and death can also be broken.

But in fact, the law of life and death is totally different from other laws. It may be the highest law of the universe. To break this law, we may need to really uncover the mystery of the universe and become the overlord of the universe. In ancient times, some emperors didn’t believe in this evil, so they adopted various methods to hope for immortality. For example, Qin Shihuang wanted to live forever, and sent a lot of people overseas to look for the elixir of immortality. In his later years in Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin also looked forward to immortality, and asked Taoist priests to refine the elixir of immortality for him.

But human beings are always so ignorant, all kinds of attempts in ancient times have failed, and no one has achieved immortality. In a twinkling of an eye, we have come to the era of science and technology. Scientists have seen the power of science and technology and the hope of breaking the law of life and death by relying on science and technology. However, with the deepening of research, scientists realize that it is a distant dream to rely on the power of science and technology to break the law of life and death and achieve longevity.

Although it may be an impossible dream to achieve longevity through the power of science and technology, scientists have never given up exploring the mystery of life. Through continuous exploration and research, scientists have calculated the limit of human life in three ways.

The first method was implemented by a biologist from the United Kingdom, who carried out a lot of targeted research. According to the average life span and growth cycle of mammals, he calculated the Bafeng coefficient, that is, the ratio between the growth cycle and the average maximum life span of animals, which is common in wild animals.

Humans are also mammals. Since the Bafeng coefficient model adapts to other mammals, it should also be applicable to humans. Through the human life cycle, the biologist calculated that the ultimate human life span is 175 years. Although this life span is envied by many people, no one can achieve it in real life. Currently, the oldest person certified by Guinness World Records is molokotemo, a 134 year old South African village woman.

The second method was developed by a famous gerontologist, Leonard heffric. In 1961, he used human epidermal cells as the experimental object, let the epidermal cells divide naturally until the culture dish was covered, and then transplanted some cells into another culture dish to observe the upper limit of cell division. After about 50 times, the cells stopped dividing.

Through this experiment, it is proved that the number of human cell division is limited, and this upper limit is called heffric upper limit. Through the limit of 50 cell divisions, the gerontologist calculated that the limit of human life is about 120 years old. There is a significant difference between this value and the above 175 years old. It is not known which one is closer to the real ultimate life.

However, it is certain that there is an upper limit on the number of cell divisions. Scientists have discovered the mystery through long-term research. There is a telomere at the end of the original chromosome, which is a biological enzyme existing in human DNA. It will become shorter and smaller after each division. The limit of cell division is 50 times, which may be closely related to the shortening of telomere.

The third method is the life cycle algorithm, which is a multiple of 15.15. From the human birth cycle and 266 days of gestation, the time obtained by multiplying 15.15 is approximately equal to that of a child from birth to 11 years old, and 11 years old is the most vulnerable time in a person’s life. Because childhood is over and adolescence has not yet arrived, multiplying 11 years old by 15.15 is equal to 167 years.

The limit of human life calculated by this method is very close to that calculated by the first method, so many people think that the limit of human life may be about 170 years old. The reason why no one can reach this life span may be closely related to daily living habits and the surrounding ecological environment.

You know, from the day of birth, human beings need to face the complex environment of the earth. And the human eating and drinking every day can not be completely green and healthy, more or less there will be a certain amount of toxin intake, although not fatal, but years of accumulation will form hidden dangers in the human body. So as to reduce human life expectancy, the so-called disease from the mouth, is a very pathological wisdom.

In addition to daily eating and drinking, our living environment is not healthy and harmless. In fact, with the rapid development of human industry, the earth’s ecology is rapidly deteriorating. We need to face a variety of toxic gases every day when we go out. After these gases enter the human body, in addition to most of them are processed by the body, a small part will still accumulate in the human body, which will also affect the life span of human beings.

It can be seen that although the ultimate life span of human beings may reach about 170 years old, due to the influence of daily life and ecological environment, the average life span of human beings may be only about 80 years old, only about half of the ultimate life span.

There are only two ways to increase the life span of human beings. One is to pay attention to daily life, eat and drink healthily, and improve the surrounding environment. However, this method is based on the actual situation, which is difficult for people to achieve. Because of the food or water now, it’s hard to find real green and healthy food. It can be said that the complete green health food has basically disappeared, and the so-called green food we can usually see is also pseudo green food.

And the surrounding ecological environment is more difficult to improve. With the rapid development of science and technology, the ecological environment of the earth will deteriorate faster and faster, and it is difficult to reverse. If you want to live in a real green and healthy environment, I’m afraid you have to go to the mountains and forests.

Since the first method is difficult to achieve longevity, then only through the second method, the second method is genetic technology. In fact, the core of life is gene, and the law of life and death is hidden in gene. In addition to the first natural method, another more important method is the use of gene technology if we want to increase the life span of human beings.

Human beings have entered the era of science and technology. The power of science and technology is powerful. Through the power of science and technology, we can uncover part of the mystery of genes. Through this part of the mystery, we can carry out a series of genetic modification on the human body, such as gene modification, so that the human body has stronger immunity. In this way, we won’t be easily infected with bacteria and viruses, and we won’t get sick easily. Without the troubles of various diseases, the life span of human beings will naturally be infinitely close to the ultimate life span.

When we have more knowledge of genes, we can also extend the ultimate life span of human beings from 170 to 1700 through genetic technology. If the ultimate life span is doubled, then the average life span of human beings can be at least doubled.

Of course, the ultimate goal of life gene exploration is longevity, but I’m afraid it will be very difficult to achieve this. In fact, if human beings really achieve longevity through gene technology in the future, it means that human beings have completely mastered the mystery of gene and solved the mystery of life. At that time, mankind may have been the God of the universe, with the ability to create all things and life.

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