Is it possible for humans to change their eating habits and evolve to be as “strong” as gorillas?

Is it possible for humans to change their eating habits and evolve to be as “strong” as gorillas?

Everyone must have heard of the legend that Nuwa made human beings. It was naive for human beings to think that everyone was made up by Nuwa. Since the emergence of Darwin’s theory of evolution, it has completely subverted human cognition. Darwin’s theory of evolution clearly pointed out that human beings evolved step by step from apes. During this period, after a long period of evolution and evolution, they formed this appearance, gradually faded their heavy hair, possessed the ability to walk upright, and finally became the master of the earth. All these things are hard won .

In modern times, the development of science and technology has led to the progress of many industries, such as food processing industry, medical industry and so on. Gorillas are close relatives of human beings. They have genes highly similar to human beings. Human beings are more advanced than it. They have independent thinking brains, and their hair has completely faded, leaving behind many important organs. Is it possible for humans to change their eating habits and evolve to be as “strong” as gorillas?

Besides being vegetarian, gorillas have other abilities

In many people’s cognition, gorillas are vegetarian. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Gorillas are not only vegetarian, but also eat some larvae, such as ants, snails and so on. When scientists examined gorilla feces, they were surprised to find that the monkey’s DNA was close to it. This shows that gorillas often eat omnivorous food, resulting in great differences between species. Gorillas belong to a primate species, but they are stronger and bulkier than humans.

Ordinary gorillas can weigh more than 200 Jin. They can break the toughened glass and overturn the car with only one punch. Its power is amazing. If humans want to practice the energy like gorillas, they must strengthen training to achieve this effect. There is a problem that has been puzzling human beings. Most gorillas eat vegetarian food without nutrition, but they can grow such a strong body. Human beings are rich in nutrition every day. Why is there such a big difference between the two? If humans begin to imitate the diet of gorillas, will they become as strong as gorillas?

The reason why gorillas are healthy

Scientists have also conducted in-depth research on this. Gorillas are vegetarian all the year round, but their food consumption is immeasurable. An adult gorilla should eat at least 18 Jin of plants, but human beings are different. Compared with the gorilla’s food consumption, it’s almost insignificant. Their intestinal digestive system is also much better than that of human beings. They have special intestinal bacteria, which can convert plant fiber into energy and increase muscle strength. Human beings lack of fiber absorption of plants, which will not make muscles stronger, but only excrete them through feces. Gorillas love to eat grass all the year round, which makes their digestive system better.

And the most important thing is that the hormone level of gorillas is also very different from that of human beings. Gorillas are bulky and lazy. When you exercise every day, they are sleeping. Despite their large size, it is not because of the large amount of exercise, but because of their high hormone level. It’s natural to be strong. It’s impossible for human beings to reach such a state. No matter what human beings do, it is impossible to have a strong body like a gorilla. However, there is no need to envy its advantages. After all, human beings have many things that gorillas don’t have, such as brains. With brains, they can create products with their hands. In the long run, this is a fair trade. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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