Is it possible for humans to evolve wings? According to historical records, “bird man” has appeared for more than 900 years

The appearance of bird man in ancient times

In fact, some people evolved wings in ancient times, but they were all killed because they were discriminated against by people with high value of force.

Take a look at the historical records: “Li Kui saw it and yelled,” what kind of bird are you, dare to cut your way here? “

The importance of wings, can humans evolve wings?

Just at the beginning of a little joke, by 2020, the water margin has spread for 900 years.

To get back to the point, according to the theory of biology, birds, fish and other creatures actually have a pair of wings. After all, the wings of birds can help them fly in the sky; the wings of fish help them swim freely in the water. Therefore, the body structure that has evolved for a long time is extremely important to them. If they lose their wings, they will die Death.

Some people have put forward their own views. In the process of human evolution, is it possible to evolve wings?

① The essence of human evolution

Before studying this problem, we need to know what the essence of evolutionism is – the essence of evolutionism refers to the changes that organisms are forced to adapt to in their corresponding environment. For example, in many food chains, some small animals choose to fly in the sky in order to save their lives, while those who can’t evolve wings are eaten by natural enemies The population in the chain will also be phased out.

This is one of the reasons why birds evolved wings. However, for human beings, the conditions for evolution have not been met at all, so the possibility is very small, but it can not be said that there is no way to say that anything is completely impossible. It should be infinitely close to zero.

② Weight factor

Another thing we have to pay attention to is the weight of birds. At present, the average weight of birds flying in the air is about 8 kg, and the longest spread wing is about 2.56 meters, but the weight of humans is three times that of them.

The data of 8kg is basically the limit of the weight of birds. After all, if the weight is limited, the brain capacity will also be limited. The hypothesis of human weight is the same as that of birds. If we can evolve wings, the brain capacity will decrease with the weight. In this way, do we have enough IQ to support our development to the present stage?

Moreover, according to the average body weight of human beings, if we want to obtain the ability of flying, the wings will be very long, which is totally inconsistent with the law of biological structure, so this is one of the reasons why it is impossible.

③ Spinal factor

As we all know, vertebrates live on land, and they have four feet for catching and walking. If they evolve another pair of wings, then the creatures with wings in nature should not have four feet, because wings and forefeet have the same function, and evolution will not be so anti intelligent.

Therefore, on the basis of the evolution of human wings, we need to evolve strong muscles, reasonably distributed feathers, and developed sense of balance, including the gradual expansion of the respiratory system. These mutations can not be achieved overnight. On the whole, even if human beings have wings alone, it can not be the survival advantage of human beings. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, for a long time, the survival of the fittest will lead to the elimination of wings.

So to sum up, human beings can’t evolve wings under the current conditions, because in the human living and production environment, we don’t have the conditions to force us to generate wings. If you want to fly, fly, balloon or play paraglider, these are all right choices.

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