Is it possible for people to live forever? Look at the end of these long-lived creatures, there are few good ones!

Is it possible for people to live forever? Look at the end of these long-lived creatures, there are few good ones!

Since ancient times, many emperors have been pursuing the method of immortality. Although they have gained power, it is almost impossible to achieve immortality. Even in modern times, there are many people who have always believed in the medicine of immortality. When we were young, when we were watching journey to the west, we all knew that as long as we ate Tang Monk’s meat, we could live forever. But is there Tang Monk’s meat in real life?

Obviously, it is impossible, so human beings can only achieve immortality through the existing medical drugs and scientific means. So far, these things only belong to the myth. Everything in the universe has an end time, not to mention human beings. Everyone has only a short life span of several decades, and no one can escape the fate of death. However, no matter what the result is, human beings have no choice Straight pursuit live longer. Is it possible for people to live forever? Look at the end of these long-lived creatures, there are few good ones!

The longer the life is, the worse the outcome will be. The tortoise is one of the longest living creatures. It is recorded in many historical books that the life span of the tortoise can reach thousands of years, but in fact, the tortoise does not have such a long life span. According to the current understanding, the longest life span of the tortoise is about 175 years old, which is impossible for human beings.

After a period of discovery, scientists have also found a creature that lives longer than the tortoise, named the round clam, which is 505 years old. When we all think that this is the longest life span of living things, scientists are surprised to find that jellyfish are the longest living creatures in the world. When many jellyfish grow to a certain extent, they will grow back and grow again, and realize the eternal life and endless life cycle in this way. However, the life of each jellyfish is extremely fragile and will die due to the changes of the external environment, which is very important It’s a pity.

The life of all things in the world is extremely regular. If human beings live in nature, they should follow the laws of nature. The longer they live, the more vulnerable they are to external interference. Can human beings break through such laws? Obviously, it is impossible. Immortality is only a dream of human beings. Nowadays, if people want to prolong their life, they can only maintain good health through health preserving methods, paying attention to their eating habits and taking more exercise. It is very unlikely that they can achieve immortality through scientific means and medical drugs.

There was a scientist who injected 3.5 million years old bacteria into his body, and the results were not so impressive. We should follow the laws of nature. Everyone has to experience life, aging, illness and death. If everyone can achieve immortality, then the world will turn upside down. Therefore, it is most important to conform to nature, live value and create a better self in his limited life. Human life is only once, and it is impossible to have an endless cycle. Everyone should cherish it Life, what do you think of immortality? You can leave a message for interaction.

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