Is it possible for the nine star Lianzhu to happen in the future? If it does happen, what will happen?

The universe is vast, with countless galaxies of different sizes, and the solar system is only one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies with the Galactic coefficient. There are many strange astronomical landscapes in the universe, such as the phenomenon of continuous beads. The so-called continuous beads means that several planets are connected in a small range within a certain period of time.

I believe many friends have heard of a word: nine stars in a row when they watch some time travel novels or TV dramas. In some novels, the author connects the nine star Lianzhu with some phenomena that travel through time and space. On the day of the nine star Lianzhu, the passage of time and space will open, and the protagonist will accidentally fall in, cross to another world or go back to the past, and start the protagonist’s brilliant life.

Of course, the above is just a fictional plot in the novel, so in the real universe, does the nine star phenomenon really exist? If it happens, will it really happen such a strange event as the passage of time and space? As we said just now, the phenomenon of conjunctions is a common astronomical phenomenon in the universe. Different planets orbit around stars in their respective orbits. Although they have different speeds and periods, they sometimes converge in a fan-shaped area with a small angle to form the phenomenon of conjunctions.

There are eight planets in the solar system. If Pluto is included, there are nine. People often say that the nine planets in the solar system move to one side of the sun at the same time, and then converge in a small fan-shaped area. From a distance, the nine planets seem to be connected together by a straight line.

Although Lianzhu phenomenon is common in the universe, nine star Lianzhu is an extremely rare celestial phenomenon. In the 6000 years of human civilization, there have been 46 records of six star Lianzhu, three records of Seven Star Lianzhu, and eight star Lianzhu. Nine star Lianzhu is also not recorded at one time. It is possible that in the history of human civilization, nine star Lianzhu has not occurred yet Is it likely to happen in the future?

If human beings do not enter the development of science and technology, it is basically impossible to calculate the possible continuous bead phenomenon in the future through calculation. However, when human beings enter the development of science and technology, with the help of powerful science and technology, it is possible to calculate the orbit of planets in the future. As we all know, the eight planets in the solar system, plus Pluto, all have their own fixed orbits, and their speed and period will not change in billions before major changes.

Therefore, through computer simulation, scientists can calculate the orbits of the planets in the future according to their orbits. In this way, it is also possible to calculate when the phenomenon of several stars in a row will occur in the future.

Through simulation calculation, scientists have come to the conclusion that the phenomenon of nine star continuous bead may occur in 2149, 130 years away. This may also be the first record and observation of nine star continuous bead in the history of human civilization. At that time, it is bound to become a major event in the global astronomical community, and many scientists and astronomical enthusiasts will witness this rare astronomical spectacle.

Some people may worry about whether there will be some special events at the moment when the NINE-STAR game happens 130 years later? Such as opening wormholes as described in novels. In fact, according to the research of scientists, there will be no special events on the earth when planetary beads occur. There have been a lot of beads in the history of human civilization. The most famous Seven Star beads occurred in 2000. At that time, the earth was calm and nothing special happened.

Of course, there is no record in the history of human civilization of what kind of astronomical wonders the eight star, nine star and nine star Lianzhu are and what impact they will have. Scientists are not entirely sure. However, such events as opening the wormhole of time and space are unlikely to happen on the day of nine stars in a row. Of course, it’s unlikely that the nine star streak will have no effect on the earth at all.

Our solar system is a complete and stable planetary system, the stable operation of the planetary system is inseparable from the role of gravity, different planets in different positions will have a certain gravitational effect on each other. When the nine planets are connected on one side of the sun, the gravitational influence between the planets may be different from usual, so it may have a certain impact on the earth.

Scientists speculate that when the nine stars are in a row, there may be some small impacts on the earth’s ecology and meteorology. Of course, the impact will not be too big. In the end, what will happen to the solar system and the earth when the 9-star streak happens will not be known until 2149 through observation and data collection. As long as we have one observation and data record, we will have more knowledge of this rare phenomenon, and it will also have an important guidance and reference significance for the future occurrence of nine star Lianzhu.

Although nine star continuous bead phenomenon is very common in the solar system, it may not be a special astronomical phenomenon in the vast universe. You should know that in the vast universe, some galaxies have more than eight or nine planets. Some stars have a much larger mass than the sun and have a wide range of gravitational influence. The number of planets around them may be more and more The more likely it is to occur, the more rare the astronomical spectacle of nine star continuous bead is in the solar system, but it may also be a common phenomenon in galaxies with more than nine planets.

It is possible that there are ten stars and eleven stars in the universe. From this, we can see that the universe is so big that there are no strange things we have never seen, only things we can’t think of. If human beings want to see the wonders of the universe, they can only see the mystery of the universe when we have the ability to cross the universe.

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