Is it possible that human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I understand

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Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development. Through the hard work of scientists, on October 4, 1957, mankind finally launched the first man-made satellite into space. It was an exciting and proud moment for all human beings. Human beings finally realized their dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the mysterious universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth and really see the vast universe, we can understand that the earth is so small, and human beings are also small. But such a tiny human being is doing a magnificent thing, that is, prying the universe and becoming the master of the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth, apart from lamenting the vastness of the universe and the smallness of the earth, another more important consideration is the existence of other intelligent civilizations in the universe. Maybe before human beings go out of the earth, many people will doubt the existence of alien civilization and think that human beings are the only one in the universe. But when we really see the vast universe, I believe most people no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization.

Scientists are more firm in the existence of alien civilization, so through a variety of ways and methods to find and explore alien civilization, although after more than half a century of efforts, we still have not found any alien civilization, but with the progress of human science and technology, the continuous improvement of the understanding of the universe, scientists have more and more confidence in finding alien civilization. It may not be long before we find real evidence of the existence of alien civilizations.

If alien civilization exists in the universe, many people will think of another problem, that is, the strength of alien civilization. Now the strength of human beings can go out of the earth and carry out a series of explorations of the solar system. What is the strength of alien civilization similar to that of human beings? Is it stronger than us or weaker than us?

Maybe in many science fiction or movies, alien civilizations are described as very powerful. They are tens of thousands of years or hundreds of millions of years ahead of human beings, which is far from comparable to the strength of human beings. So will the alien civilization in the real universe really be so powerful? Is it possible that human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe?

Many people may laugh at the question raised by Xiaobian: how can human beings be the highest level of civilization in the universe? Humans are too arrogant. But in the real world, many things are often unexpected, the truth is always in the hands of a few people. In fact, some scientists in the scientific community agree that human beings may be the highest level civilization in the universe. Why? To explain this topic, we need to analyze the evolution of the universe and the evolution of life.

The first is the evolution of the universe. As we all know, the universe originated from the big bang of singularity 13.8 billion years ago. In addition to the formation of the laws of time and space, only the basic unit “basic particles” of cosmic matter have been formed. With the appearance of elementary particles, protons and neutrons gradually formed, but at this time there were no elements in the universe.

Later, after at least hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the universe gave birth to the first two elements of hydrogen and helium, of which hydrogen accounts for 90% of the total mass of the universe. More than 100 kinds of elements appeared later are all evolved from hydrogen and helium through various complex processes. Only with various elements can we have the formation of other substances and have a colorful universe.

Through these, we can see that after the birth of the universe, it takes a long time for us to have a stable environment for the birth of life. At this time, it took about 8 billion years. After the big bang, the universe gradually evolved and stabilized. At this time, the universe initially had a stable environment for the birth of life.

The second is the evolution of life. The solar system was formed 800 million years after the stability of the universe. Soon after the formation of the solar system, the earth was born. After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, the earth gave birth to the initial life about 3.8 billion years ago. After the birth of simple life on the earth, after billions of years of evolution and suffering, human beings were born millions of years ago.

After the birth of mankind, it took millions of years of evolution to have the present scientific and technological civilization. Through this analysis, we also see that the evolution of life from simple life to intelligent life needs a long process, and its difficulty is no less than the evolutionary stability after the birth of the universe. Moreover, according to the research and exploration of scientists, the earth was able to give birth to life 3.8 billion years ago, which is full of too many lucky factors. For example, extrasolar objects entered the solar system and hit the earth, bringing rich metal elements and resources to the earth.

Comet impact on the earth brought the earth rich liquid water resources, plus the earth’s position in the solar system is very good, so it can complete the breeding of life in a very short time, the birth of the first simple life. After the birth of life, whether intelligent life and civilization can finally be born through evolution needs to go through various tests.

This kind of test comes from the great changes in the ecological environment of the earth itself, as well as from the cosmic disasters outside the earth, the most terrible of which is the asteroid impact. The great ecological change of the earth itself is the test of life by nature, but the asteroid impact is a more terrible natural disaster. Fortunately, with the protection of huge Jupiter in front of the earth and the protection of huge satellites nearby, life on the earth can evolve smoothly.

It is with so many lucky events that the earth becomes a civilized planet. So can the evolution of other alien civilizations in the universe be as lucky as human beings? It can be very difficult. It is possible that soon after the universe stabilizes, many living planets will be born in the universe, which may be hundreds of millions of years earlier than life on earth.

However, due to the impact of various disasters, especially from the asteroid impact threat in space, most of the living planets have not been able to continue to evolve, and finally become such a desolate planet as Venus and Mars. Even if a few living planets are lucky enough to survive, because there are no such powerful bodyguards as Jupiter and the moon in the solar system, the evolution speed of life on alien living planets is very slow. After encountering various asteroid impacts, the number of mass extinctions is far more than that of the earth.

Therefore, the birth time of life on the alien life planet may be hundreds of millions of years earlier than that on the earth. However, the final birth time of intelligent life through evolution may be similar to that of human beings, and may not be as early as that of human beings. Therefore, the development of alien civilization may not be as fast as that of human civilization. It is very inconceivable to know that human science and technology only took hundreds of years to complete the leap. Alien civilization may not have the speed of human science and technology development.

Therefore, human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe, which is not entirely impossible. If that’s the case, then the reason why we can’t find an alien civilization is clear. If human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe, we can only rely on human beings to find alien civilization. To achieve this goal, we need our spacecraft to be faster, at least sub light speed, so that we can hope to explore the interstellar near the solar system.

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