Is it possible that human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe? Maybe you’ll understand after reading it

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With the help of science and technology, when human beings go to the earth to see the vast universe, an important question appears in people’s mind: is there any other intelligent civilization in the universe? In fact, many people already have the answer to this question. Although we want to say that human beings are the only one in the universe, the cruel reality tells us that it is impossible.

There is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization, but to make this answer come true, we need to find a real alien civilization. We can only speculate about the existence of alien civilization before human beings find it.

In order to explore and search for alien civilization, scientists use various methods to search, such as launching the interstellar probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which carry a golden CD recording the information of human civilization and the earth coordinates. As long as this disc is obtained by other civilizations outside the solar system, we can know the existence of human beings and the coordinates of the earth, so that we can come to the solar system and communicate with human beings.

However, Voyager’s plan to explore and search for alien civilization has basically failed. The reason is very simple. The real range of the solar system is far larger than previously thought. In the past, scientists believed that just going out of the heliosphere top, that is, the Kuiper belt, is equivalent to going out of the solar system into extrasolar space. However, later observations found that the solar system included the Oort nebula, and the diameter of the solar system reached 2 light-years.

At the speed of Voyager, it will take tens of thousands of years to get out of this range. In addition to sending out spaceships, scientists also use astronomical telescopes to observe and find earth like planets that are very similar to the earth. After decades of efforts, we have found hundreds of earth like planets near the earth, some of which are very similar to the earth. However, if we want to know whether there is life on these planets, we need astronomical telescopes.

Finally, scientists put their hope on the radio telescope. If the alien civilization has stepped out of the development of the parent star, it can’t do without the application of radio communication technology. The more powerful the civilization is, the more powerful the radio communication technology is. As long as we can receive such mysterious signals, we can determine the existence and specific location of the alien civilization.

However, the way of searching for signals of alien civilization seems promising, but it is impossible to realize the estimation. The reason is very simple. The language, writing and technological development mode of alien civilization may be completely different from that of human beings. Even if we search for mysterious signals in the universe, we are unlikely to succeed in deciphering them.

Scientists have searched through the above three ways for more than half a century, but we still haven’t found any alien civilization. So there is a conjecture: is it possible that human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe? If human beings are the highest level of civilization in the universe, then we can understand that we are unable to contact and communicate with alien civilizations.

We need to know that with the current technology of human beings, we can’t go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies, so the civilization weaker than human beings can’t do it. But is this possible? Some people may say: this kind of cognition is too arrogant. The universe has been born for 13.8 billion years. How can human beings be the highest level civilization in the universe?

In fact, this possibility is not entirely absent. Although the birth of the universe has been 13.8 billion years, the birth of cosmic life may be very late. Why? We all know that the birth of life needs to meet a lot of conditions, otherwise the planet of life like the earth can not be so rare.

One of the first conditions for the birth of life is to have a very stable cosmic environment. If the universe is not stable and there are all kinds of collisions and disasters everywhere, life can not be born. After the birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago, the instantaneous energy first formed the first several basic elements.

These basic elements later evolved into other elements. It took a long time for elements to form all kinds of matter, and all kinds of matter gradually formed all kinds of celestial bodies. The time required for each stage of these processes is extremely long, from a few hundred million years to a few billion years. So 13.8 billion years seems like a long time, but it takes more than half of the time from chaos to stability.

Some scientists believe that only 8 billion years after the birth of the universe will the stable environment of the whole universe be basically formed. At this time, the cosmic environment for the birth of life will be initially formed. Of course, after the universe stabilizes, it does not mean that life can be born immediately. It will take a long time to complete other conditions. It is possible that after the universe stabilized, the first living planets began to be born, and that time was very close to the time when the solar system was born and the earth was formed, about 5 billion years ago.

Although scientists believe that the age of the earth is 4.6 billion years through some research and exploration, whether this age is accurate has not yet been determined. Some people think that the age of the earth is far beyond 4.6 billion years, and it is possible that the earth was born 5 billion years ago. In any case, the earth may be the first living planet to be born after the universe has stabilized.

That is to say, all the intelligent civilized planets like the earth in the universe may have been born at the same time as the earth. And intelligent life is also realized by simple life after a long evolution. It is not easy for a living planet to go through many hardships and eventually become a civilized planet.

Take the earth for example, the whole life history has experienced five mass extinctions, and there are countless other disasters. If the life of the earth has to experience so many ecological disasters, then other life planets in the universe can not be smooth sailing, and there are more extinction disasters than the earth.

You know, of the five mass extinctions the earth has experienced, only the fifth was caused by asteroid impact, and the other four were caused by the earth itself. The main reason why the probability of the earth being hit by an extraterrestrial asteroid is relatively low is that the earth has two protectors, one is the huge Jupiter in front of it, which is the biggest contributor, and the second is the moon around it.

The earth has such a unique external security conditions, other living planets may not have such a beautiful external living environment. You know, Mars may have been a living planet long ago, but it didn’t stick to the birth of intelligent life, probably because it was hit by a huge asteroid.

Even though other living planets in the universe have experienced all kinds of tribulations and eventually gave birth to intelligent life, the birth time may not be as early as that of human beings. We should know that the birth of intelligent life is not so easy. In the history of life on earth, there have been many overlord life, such as the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Dinosaurs began to dominate the earth 240 million years ago. Before extinction, they dominated the earth for 160 million years. Such a long time has not allowed dinosaurs to evolve into intelligent life.

It can be seen that it is not easy for life to evolve and grow into intelligent life. It may be a very unexpected and lucky thing for human beings to be born. Some scientists believe that what major events might have happened to life on earth six million years ago, which led to the birth of human beings. The birth of mankind is full of luck and accidents, so it can be born millions of years ago. Can other living planets in the universe also be so lucky and unexpected?

If there is no special accident and luck, it may take a long time for a life to evolve into intelligent life. Some scientists speculate that if there had been no asteroid impact 65 million years ago, dinosaurs would not have been extinct. After tens of millions of years of evolution, dinosaur civilization might have been born.

Through these analyses, we can see that the rapid development of human beings from birth to after birth is an incredible thing in the life circle of the universe. Therefore, the development of human civilization may be ahead of other civilizations. Perhaps most of other civilizations in the universe are still in the stage of primitive society, and only a few of them may have just completed their parent planet.

Of course, these are just our guesses. If we want to really understand the situation of other civilizations in the universe, we can only go out of the solar system in the future and take the initiative to explore and search before alien civilizations come to earth to contact with human beings. Of course, it is not easy to achieve this goal. We are looking forward to this day.

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