Is it possible that man is the most powerful civilization in the universe? After careful analysis, everything is possible

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Millions of years ago, after a long period of evolution, the earth, a beautiful planet of life, finally gave birth to intelligent life human beings. After the birth of human beings, after millions of years of evolution and development, we finally have the present era of science and technology.

Although it is not long since mankind entered the era of science and technology, the development speed of human civilization with the help of science and technology is amazing. Now we have stepped out of the earth and started the preliminary exploration of the universe. When mankind just stepped out of the earth 50 years ago, most people would think of the possibility of the existence of alien civilization.

In order to explore and search for extraterrestrial civilization, scientists launched the extraterrestrial civilization search program. In addition to launching the Voyager spacecraft for exploration, they also used radio telescopes to search for possible extraterrestrial civilization signals in the universe. But more than half a century has passed, we still have not found any alien civilization, nor received any signal of alien civilization.

Why can’t human beings find the existence of alien civilization? Many people think that one of the main reasons is that the scientific and technological strength of human beings is relatively backward. Our spacecraft has no super fast speed and can not go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies. In addition to this main reason, some people think of another possibility: human beings may be the most powerful civilization in the universe.

Many people may laugh at this. How can human beings be the most powerful civilization in the universe? We should know that the vast universe has been born for 13.8 billion years. If there are alien civilizations, they may be born hundreds of millions of years earlier than human beings, even billions of years. Is this kind of cognition correct? I believe everyone has heard of Fermi’s paradox.

One day in 1951, when Fermi, the Nobel Prize winner and physicist, was discussing the problems of UFOs and aliens, he suddenly said, “where are they?” This question leads to a scientific topic, which is called “Fermi paradox”. The implication of “Fermi paradox” is that theoretically speaking, human beings can fly to various planets in the galaxy in a million years, so as long as aliens evolved one million years earlier than human beings, they should come to earth now. But why do we not really see the so-called alien civilization and have no real contact with it?

I believe many people will be very curious about this problem. It took only a few hundred years for human science and technology to achieve its present achievements. If we give human beings tens of thousands or millions of years to develop, it will be no problem to travel all over the galaxy at least. At that time, human beings will arrive at other civilized planets in the galaxy and communicate with alien civilizations.

In the same way, if alien civilizations were born much earlier than human beings, it is quite normal that alien civilizations were born hundreds of millions of years earlier than human civilizations on a cosmic scale. If the long time difference means that the strength of alien civilization is far beyond our imagination, even if we don’t have the ability to travel through the universe, then it should be no problem to travel through the galaxy. The existence of earth and human beings, I believe, is no secret for such a powerful alien civilization, but why don’t we see the alien civilization visit the earth? Is there only one civilization in the galaxy? I don’t think it’s possible.

So the conclusion that human beings may be the most powerful civilization in the universe is not necessarily a fallacy, it is possible that it is correct. Why do you say that? Now we will make some simple conjecture analysis. First of all, we all know that everything the universe has now originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago.

After the big bang, all kinds of planets and materials were formed while expanding rapidly. And how was life born in the universe? Life can be said to be the most magical and mysterious thing in the universe. There must be many conditions for the birth of such mysterious and magical things. Therefore, the birth of life in the universe is not so simple, but only after many conditions are met.

The first condition is that there needs to be a stable environment. In the long years after the big bang, the universe has been in an unstable state. Star explosions, Galaxy collisions, black hole collisions and fusion are happening everywhere. At this time, the universe is very chaotic. Even if there are planets giving birth to the first life, it is difficult to complete in the unstable cosmic environment In the end, the road of intelligent life evolution is basically half dead.

So when will the universe really stabilize? Maybe it was 5 billion years ago, when the sun was just forming, the solar system was still in the process of breeding, and the earth had not yet appeared. Hundreds of millions of years later, the eight planets of the solar system were formed, and the earth was born. Of course, at this time, the solar system is not stable, and it is also in a state of chaos. Celestial collision events happen every day.

Only a stable universe can have the basic conditions for the birth of intelligent life, and only the small galaxies formed in this period and the planets in the habitable zone can have stable life. Therefore, the planet in the universe that can finally give birth to intelligent life may be about the same time as the earth.

The earth gave birth to early simple life about 4 billion years ago, and it is a very lucky thing that the earth can become a planet of life. With the conditions of the earth itself, it may take a longer time for life to be born. But later asteroid impact and comet impact brought a lot of water resources and seeds of life to the earth, so the earth was able to give birth to life 4 billion years ago.

So will the habitable planets born in the same period of the universe and the earth have such good luck? Not necessarily, it is possible that after the birth of a few planets, they were also very lucky to be hit by asteroids and comets, bringing all kinds of elements needed for life. However, most planets may have undergone hundreds of millions of years of ecological evolution before they gave birth to primary life.

It can be seen that there are not many planets in the universe that can give birth to life at the same time as the earth. After the birth of life on the earth, it took billions of evolution and evolution to finally give birth to intelligent life. It can be seen that it is not easy for life to complete the evolution of intelligent life from simple life. In the meantime, the planet of life has to ensure that it will not be destroyed by threats from outer space.

We all know that the universe is not a completely safe environment, asteroid impact, black hole phagocytosis, Galaxy collision, supernova explosion can seriously threaten the survival of living planets. If a living planet happens to be in a three-star system, and the life of a star in the three-star system is coming to an end, then when the supernova explodes, the living planet will also be destroyed.

Therefore, there are not many planets in the universe that have given birth to life and can eventually evolve into civilized planets. Many of them will be ended by cosmic disasters on the way. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to draw a possible conclusion: human civilization may be the most powerful civilization in the universe. If that’s the case, then it makes sense that human beings can’t find the existence of alien civilization.

Human science and technology can not get out of the small solar system, so the strength of civilization is not as good as human alien civilization, they may not get out of their own parent star. Therefore, the task of mankind now is to strive to develop science and technology. When we have the preliminary sub light speed flight technology, we can go out of the solar system and explore nearby galaxies. Maybe then we can discover alien civilization.

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