Is it possible that the earth is a “living being”? Listen to what scientists say

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, in addition to a rich variety of creatures, there is also a group of intelligent life of human beings. The universe is vast and vast. There are so many earth like planets like earth that it is impossible to estimate. Although the earth is one of the countless planets in the universe, the earth is different from other planets because it is a beautiful planet of wisdom and civilization.

It has been more than half a century since mankind went out of the earth to explore the universe. In the past decades, scientists have discovered many earth like planets similar to the earth through telescopes, but they are not as beautiful as the earth. It can be said that the earth is a very special planet in the universe. It is the extraordinary features of the earth that make scientists deeply interested in the existence of the earth. Some scientists even think that the earth may be a living organism. What’s the matter?

Some scientists put forward the earth Gaia hypothesis that the earth may be a living life. The reason why scientists say this is not totally groundless. Naturally, they have a certain understanding. Let’s listen to how scientists explain it. In our opinion, cosmic life seems to be organic life like earth life.

However, with the continuous development of human science and technology, scientists have more and more knowledge of life in the universe. It is not impossible for a planet to be a life body, especially the unique and beautiful life planet like the earth in the universe. We all know that any living planet has a perfect and stable ecosystem and a perfect biosphere.

The earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, and life on the earth may have been born billions of years ago, but the evolution and evolution of life will not be smooth sailing. For example, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions. Behind each mass extinction is the serious destruction of the ecological environment. Under normal circumstances, with such serious ecological destruction, the earth may become like Venus and fire Stars like this.

However, the magic of the earth is that no matter how serious the ecological damage is, the earth’s ecosystem can always slowly recover itself, showing a prosperous ecosystem again. After each mass extinction, the creatures that appear again can complete a sublimation of life, and the newborn life is more complex and life is more and more advanced.

Isn’t the earth’s strong self recovery ability an important feature of life? We all know that the more complex and advanced life is, the more powerful their self recovery ability is. For example, human beings have very strong self recovery ability. It’s not that it’s difficult for a living body to have the ability of self recovery. For example, if a stone is broken, it can’t be restored to a complete stone.

In addition to this powerful self-healing ability, the earth also has a natural regulation system for the adaptability of life, such as continuously adjusting the proportion of various chemical components in the earth’s atmosphere and ocean, etc. · moreover, life has its own stable physiological characteristics, such as the temperature of human body is about 37 ℃, which is the most suitable temperature for human beings It can help the human body complete most of the metabolism, and the proportion of white blood cells and the concentration of salt in the human blood are basically kept constant.

The earth also has such stable life characteristics as human body. For example, the oxygen concentration in the earth’s atmosphere is about 21%, which has been maintained for about 400 million years. This oxygen concentration is the best concentration for life extension. If the concentration is slightly lower, large animals and flying insects will not be able to obtain enough oxygen to sustain life. If the concentration is slightly higher, even the green plants with more water can be easily ignited, which is not conducive to the survival and development of life.

In fact, one of the most important characteristics of life is metabolism. Whether it is simple life or advanced life like human beings, they all have their own metabolism, which is also one of the fundamental differences between living and non living things. So does the earth have the same metabolic function as living things? Maybe many people think, how can the earth have metabolism? However, with the exploration and study of the earth, scientists found that the earth really has its own metabolism.

The so-called metabolism refers to the exchange of material and energy between the body and the environment and the self-renewal process of material and energy in the body. Life has its own metabolism, and the metabolism of the earth is more complex and huge. Through research, we found that the earth is constantly exchanging material and energy with the outside world, and constantly innovating. The asthenosphere beneath the earth’s lithosphere continuously ejects hot magma to the surface, forming spectacular volcanic eruptions and new crust.

At the same time, the earth is constantly swallowing all kinds of materials from outer space to enrich its crust and mantle. Therefore, the earth also has its own respiratory, digestive and excretory systems. Don’t you think this is a complete life system?

At the same time, scientists also found that the earth seems to be not only a living body, but also a certain wisdom? What’s going on? Why do scientists say that the earth has some wisdom? I believe many people know that it is only millions of years since the birth of the earth. Strictly speaking, it is only 10000 years since the immediate ancestors of mankind.

Life on earth has been around for billions of years, so why didn’t human beings be born hundreds of millions of years earlier? If human beings had appeared hundreds of millions of years ago, now human science and technology may have been so powerful that we can’t imagine. Will the fact be so simple? Of course not. We all know that the survival and development of human beings cannot do without energy. Without energy, we can not develop science and technology. Naturally, we can not go out of the earth and explore the universe one day.

So why was man born millions of years ago? The main problem here is energy. If human beings were born too early and the earth has not yet formed rich energy, we should know that before human beings were unable to exploit and utilize the energy of the universe, the only energy we could use was the non renewable resources formed by the earth in billions of years.

If human beings were born hundreds of millions of years earlier, the earth may not have formed a rich energy reserve. At this time, human development may fall into an energy crisis, and human beings may not be able to get out of the earth, and may eventually be trapped on the earth. But the real situation is that after billions of years of evolution of the earth and the formation of rich energy, human beings were born. At this time, human development will not worry about energy, and only in this way can our science and technology develop rapidly and go out of the earth to explore the universe.

All this seems to be the expression of the wisdom of the earth, so why does the earth do it? The reason may not be complicated, that is to protect the earth itself. I believe many friends know that the universe is not a completely safe environment. The solar system where the earth is located still has the existence that can threaten the earth. For example, a large number of asteroids and the expansion of the sun for billions of years engulf the earth.

If the earth is not protected by human beings in the future, it may be engulfed by the expanding sun and disappear into the universe. Only when human civilization becomes stronger and developed science and technology are available, even when the expansion of the sun threatens the Earth billions of years later, human beings can use their own powerful science and technology to protect the earth, or even push the earth away from the solar system and find a new home, like wandering earth. Do you think the earth has wisdom?

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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