Is it possible that the immortal in ancient legend is an alien? Time will tell us the final answer

I believe many friends have heard a lot of fairy legends, and in many modern films and novels, myths are also the background. In the eyes of many people, these ancient myths are just made up by the ancients, and they are some characters and deeds imagined by the ancient human ancestors.

So is it really that simple? If we carefully study the myths and legends handed down from all over the world, you will find that myths and legends are everywhere in the human world, and form several major schools. There are obvious differences between the myths and legends of the eastern world and the eastern world. In the eastern world, myths and legends are a very huge system structure, including Pangu Kaitian, sage, heaven, hell and so on.

This series of systems, how ancient humans imagined it, is really an incredible thing. Although western myths and legends are not as huge as the East, they also form a very perfect system of immortals. Whether it is the eastern myth system or the Western myth system, their perfection and rules even surpass the whole civilization system of human society.

That is to say, the series of people and objects in myths and legends are equivalent to an unknown civilized world. And can such a perfect civilization system be imagined by ancient human beings? We are now in the age of science and technology, with a huge population of 7 billion, many of whom are literati. So, with the amount of knowledge of human civilization, can we reconstruct a myth system similar to that of ancient times? The answer is No.

Although our present human civilization can imagine and invent some mysterious things, we can’t imagine a perfect civilization system like ancient myths. In addition to seeing the extraordinary of ancient myths and legends, modern scientists began to pay attention to myths and legends all over the world, hoping to find some unusual things from them.

Some scientists speculate that the immortals in ancient mythology may be aliens, so does this possibility exist? After the hypothesis that immortals may be aliens was put forward, it has been recognized by more and more people, many of whom are scientists. Why do many scientists agree with this view? The main thing is that we have discovered a lot of unusual things through our continuous exploration of the earth.

As we all know, the ancestors of human beings in ancient times were still in the primitive society, and there was no such thing as science and technology. So after seeing something that they could not understand, the only way they wanted to record it down and pass it on to their descendants was to carve some important things on stones or stone walls through carving.

These stone walls can be preserved for a very long time. Ancient people have carved some of them into rock paintings and preserved them from generation to generation. Modern scientists have found some strange rock paintings all over the world. On these rock paintings are carved some portraits of people, some of them are the appearance of human ancestors, some of them are things in the daily life of human ancestors.

In addition to these rocks that we can clearly see are portraits of human ancestors, there are also some figures carved in rock paintings that are obviously different from human beings. These different figures in rock paintings are very similar to the aliens we have imagined. Some people may say that it’s just a rock painting carved by ancient people through imagination. If you think so, it’s a big mistake.

Just imagine, if a modern painter paints a figure, will he paint a figure that is completely different from that of human beings? The answer is No. Modern painters paint characters, even if they imagine a person, but this person’s appearance is very similar to human beings, and will not completely separate from human appearance.

The same is true of human beings in ancient times, and people’s imagination in ancient times can’t be compared with that of modern people. Therefore, ancient humans, they will only see things carved on the stone wall, and will not be non-existent things carved on it. For ancient human beings, it is a very sacred thing to carve words or depict on the stone wall. They will not carve things that do not exist or are imagined on it.

Therefore, the strange figures on these ancient murals are probably the creatures that ancient human beings have seen. They are obviously not the same species as humans, so we can boldly guess that they may be aliens who came to earth in ancient times.

We can imagine such a scene: in ancient times, an alien civilization discovered the existence of the solar system and the earth, and then sent its own fleet to the earth. At that time, mankind had just stepped out of the age of ignorance. Suddenly, a group of visitors from outside came down from the sky. The ignorant ancestors witnessed this strange scene.

Fortunately, the alien civilization that came to earth didn’t mean anything. They might just come to earth for some research. At that time, just out of ignorance, the ancient human has undoubtedly become the focus of the study of alien civilization. When ancient human beings saw that these were completely different from their looks, and they were able to fly, hide and call the wind and rain, they would naturally regard these aliens as gods.

And the aliens obviously took advantage of the characteristics that the human ancestors did not know anything, pretended to be omnipotent gods, so that the aliens could better study the ancient human beings, and could move more freely on the earth, without being hated and attacked by human beings. In order to make their immortal identity more convincing, aliens show some technological strength, such as free flight, stealth and call the wind and rain.

In fact, these incredible abilities in the eyes of ancient humans can be realized by technology. For example, stealth, we all know that we can see objects because the light reflected by the objects enters our eyes. If we distort the space so that the light of the object doesn’t enter the eyes, then naturally we can’t see the target object.

Although we can’t distort space yet, Einstein’s theory of relativity has already told us the answer. Another example is flying, which is even simpler. In myths and legends, immortals travel in the clouds, and this is also the means of immortals flying. In fact, in the view of modern science and technology, it is a kind of single aircraft, but ancient human beings can’t understand it and regard it as a kind of immortal ability.

As for calling the wind and calling the rain, it is also a kind of meteorological weapon. Now we can also achieve local artificial rainfall. For an alien civilization that can come to the earth, weather control technology is nothing. At the same time, in order to deify themselves, alien civilizations may also tell some systems or rules of their own civilization to human ancestors.

These civilization systems or rules may be the mythological systems of ancient times. In this way, the alien civilization disguised itself as the supreme gods, and the ancient humans worshiped these gods as beliefs, and carved some of their portraits on the stone wall for generations to worship.

Some people may ask: if the immortals in ancient times were some aliens who came to the earth, why are the myths and legends all over the world so different? In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Human civilization is also divided into many countries, many tribes, we have many kinds of companies, and so on. Naturally, it may also be the case in alien civilization.

Although the alien civilizations that came to earth at that time were the same civilization, they may not belong to the same camp, that is, they may belong to different groups within the alien civilization. These groups may divide their power when they come outside the earth, that is, the eastern world belongs to one group and the western world belongs to another group.

There may be other groups that were divided into other parts of the earth at that time. These different groups may have different images of their myths in different ancient human tribes. For example, the eldest of the eastern immortals is called Jade Emperor, while the eldest of the Western immortals is called Zeus.

Of course, the above is only our guess at present. There is no definite answer as to whether the ancient myths and legends were made up by the ancients or actually existed. If we want to solve these mysteries, we can only continue to explore and find more strange things on earth. As long as we keep working hard, time will finally give us the answer.

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