Is it possible that there are creatures as big as the earth in the universe? Anything is possible

With the help of science and technology, when human beings walk out of the earth and see the vastness, an eternal topic appears, that is, does extraterrestrial life exist? The extraterrestrial life we are talking about here does not refer to those simple and primitive microorganisms, but refers to those complex and advanced organisms. Complex organisms like animals and humans on earth.

Before human beings really see the vastness of the universe, there will be doubts about the existence of extraterrestrial life, but when we really see the vastness of the universe, this doubt has disappeared. Maybe for more than 99% of human beings on earth, our knowledge of the universe is only through the Internet and some video images, so in some people’s hearts, there is still a little doubt about the existence of alien life.

But for those astronauts who have really walked out of the earth, they have no doubt about the existence of extraterrestrial life, because they personally feel the vastness of the universe, which is totally different from watching the vastness of the universe on TV. And scientists know a lot about the universe, so they will not doubt the existence of alien life.

If extraterrestrial life exists, how will it be different from life on earth? Maybe someone will, maybe very much like life on earth. In fact, this is just a self righteous idea of human beings. Many people’s cognition of alien life is always measured by the life on earth. In fact, the environment of the universe is very complex and mysterious. Different planetary environments may produce completely different life forms.

Let’s take the size of life as an example. The size of life on earth is basically affected by the gravity of its own planet and the environment. We have to know that the earth was 65 million years ago when powerful creatures like dinosaurs were born. The biggest dinosaur was about 10 meters tall. What a huge creature it was. Even now, blue whales exist in the ocean. Of course, the biggest creature on land should be elephants.

The earth’s gravity and environment create its own organisms. Human beings are the overlord of the earth, with an average height of about 1.7 meters. Although the elephant is the largest creature on land, its height is about 2.7 meters, which is not much higher than human beings. If the mass and volume of the outer planet are many times larger than that of the earth, can larger creatures be born? For this reason, some people also raised such a question: is it possible that there are creatures as big as the earth in the universe?

As we said earlier, the important factors determining the size of a living body are the mass and gravity of the planet. The larger the mass, the larger the volume. If it’s an earth like planet, the greater the mass, the greater the gravity. Most of the earth like planets observed by scientists are super Earth several times larger than the earth. Thus it can be seen that the earth in the family of earth like planets can barely be regarded as medium size.

The more gravitational a planet is, the stronger limbs will be needed for the creatures born on it to adapt to such a gravitational environment, so theoretically, the bigger the creatures will be. In some science fiction novels, there have been giant creatures like Titan. How big is Titan? It has the sky above its head and the earth on its feet. Human beings are as small as ants in front of it.

If calculated according to this ratio, Titan’s huge height should be more than 3500 meters. So is it possible for this legendary giant to exist in the universe? The answer is probably. Maybe in our opinion, a giant 3500 meters tall is incredibly tall. If such a creature is placed on the earth, human beings are as small as ants. And this kind of creature can’t be born on the earth. The tiny earth can’t hold this kind of creature.

But don’t forget, there are many super earths in the universe. If the mass of a super earth is more than 10 times that of the earth, the existence of Titans on such a planet can also be achieved. What’s more, we don’t know much about the universe. We can’t be sure what the largest planet in the universe will be. If it’s an earth like planet many times bigger than Jupiter, it’s possible to create an organism as big as the earth.

Of course, according to our preliminary understanding of celestial bodies in the universe, the size of earth like planets is limited. It is impossible to reach the level of Jupiter, let alone many times larger than Jupiter. In fact, this kind of cognition is only the product of human science and technology. With the continuous progress of science and technology in the future, we will have more understanding of the operation of the universe. Maybe at that time, we will see more incredible super objects, including earth like planets many times larger than Jupiter.

In fact, in addition to those life bodies that must be attached to celestial bodies to be born, there may be another powerful giant creature in the universe, that is, the celestial giant directly born in the universe. We have only seen stars and monsters in science fiction. They are a kind of cosmic creature invented by the author.

It’s just that the world is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. Sometimes a lot of things in conjecture will come true in the future. For example, the black hole in the past has become a reality? In the past, a lot of science fiction conjectures about space hopping and wormhole shuttling have been explored by scientists?

A lot of scientific facts are often conjectured that the brain hole is wide open first, and then discovered by exploration and demonstration. We can’t completely deny or confirm the existence of the star giant now, because until now, we have not found any complicated extraterrestrial life, even the simplest primitive extraterrestrial microorganism.

If star giants, which can be compared to planets, really exist in the universe, they may not appear in any galaxy at random, or in the depths of the universe that we can’t detect at all. Although the range of the observable universe is 93 billion light-years, it may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Even if the observable range is 93 billion light-years, the area that humans can really detect is very limited. We can observe some celestial bodies beyond 10 billion light-years, mainly because those celestial bodies emit very strong pulse energy waves. If there is no strong energy wave, we can’t find it at present.

Therefore, even if there is a cosmic creature larger than a planet tens of billions of light-years away, we will not see it unless it can come near the solar system. It can be seen that human beings are still very weak now. If we want to really explore cosmic creatures and explore the possible existence of some huge extraterrestrial life, we can only strive to develop science and technology, which has already become an interstellar civilization.

After we have the ability of interstellar navigation, we can travel through different galaxies and explore for extraterrestrial life and civilization. At that time, maybe we can see all kinds of alien life. Some of them may be very small in the eyes of human beings, while others may be giant for human beings.

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