Is it possible that we are the test objects of alien captivity on earth?

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? It’s just philosophical thinking. In real life, human beings on the earth have been exploring the whole problem. The whole problem has been explored by human beings since the records of human civilization. However, the vastness of the universe, the vastness of the Milky way and the vastness of the solar system make us at a loss where to start. Our smallness makes us have a strong desire for knowledge, so now many scientists have been based on ancient or modern discoveries that we humans may be the test objects of an alien civilization!!!

This is a terrible idea. It’s very terrible. If we are really experimental objects, what’s our destiny like? We can face a disaster at any time, no matter how we can’t control it. Maybe one day, when the alien civilization presses the “red pause button”, the experiment will end, and we will be out and game over. I don’t want us to be test objects, so I think we should consider, since we are not test objects, where do we come from and where do we go?

We human beings have lived on the earth for a long time. What is the law of our development? Origin of species? theory of evolution? Now let’s judge. How? With the development of civilization, science and technology, we can’t even reach Mars. How many space stations can we support even through multinational cooperation? Our country’s Tiangong-1 has just expired its service, so now we have the ability to step out of the solar system and explore the real universe. In short, we are very small.

No matter whether we are experimental objects or not, the answer is yes or no. We human beings, the human beings on earth, to say yes, we are experimental objects of alien civilization and the side of artificial intelligence exploration of alien civilization. Let us live and die on our own. We can also use our existing wisdom to create a more livable earth. After all, we have not been pressed the “pause button” yet.

If we are not the experimental objects, then we will remember our ancestors’ theory of evolution!!! One day, because of our own destruction, the earth’s sea level rises, and the global oceans submerge the land, can we all evolve? Evolve into a fish or a monster

Life more than ten years, no matter the answer. Let’s discuss it together. But the most important thing is that we should cherish each other and our earth home in our few decades.

This article is the original work of Zhou Zhiquan, the author of Jiujian

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