Is it possible to launch nuclear waste into solar energy by rocket? See what scientists say

Since the discovery of uranium, a kind of radioactive material, like opening Pandora’s box, atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb, weapons of mass destruction have been developed. However, with the continuous in-depth study of uranium, scientists have found that nuclear energy is the main energy for human beings in the future, and controllable nuclear fusion is the direction that human beings have been exploring.

The energy currently used by human beings, such as oil and coal, is the earth’s non renewable resources. Once these resources are used up, it may take billions of time to form again. So once these energy sources are used up, human energy will face a big test. We must be prepared in advance and look for new energy to replace it.

Of course, the safest and pollution-free way is to use solar energy, wind energy, water energy, etc., but the lack of power of these energy sources is unable to meet the human demand for energy. So human beings put their eyes on the use of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not only used to make weapons of war, it is a kind of super energy. Once nuclear energy is controlled, the energy crisis of human beings will be relieved, and the future of human space flight, if it can be promoted by nuclear energy, it will be a leap across the times. Unfortunately, although I have nuclear power plants, controllable fusion still has a long way to go before it can be realized.

At present, the main application of nuclear energy is nuclear power plant, which is used for power generation. Because we have not realized the real control of nuclear energy, there will be a lot of high-energy nuclear waste. At present, there are hundreds of nuclear power plants in the world, which will produce more than 1 million tons of high-energy nuclear waste every year. These waste materials are extremely difficult to treat. If they are not handled properly, they will be discharged Lu, the problem is quite serious.

Nuclear radiation can make people sick and cause gene mutation. In some nuclear power plants, there are thick concrete walls around them to avoid the emission of nuclear radiation. However, there is still a slight leakage. Sometimes mice bigger than cats can be seen around the nuclear base, which is the product of radiation.

Some netizens suggested that since nuclear waste is so difficult to deal with, why not send it to outer space by rocket or to the sun? Is this natural destruction? In this way, the earth can avoid unnecessary risks. There is no problem in sending nuclear waste into space by rocket, but the cost is too high. At present, the cost of transporting East-West to geosynchronous orbit from the ground is about 22000 US dollars per kilogram. If all the hundreds of tons of nuclear waste are sent out of the earth, it will cost at least several billion US dollars, which is just the cost of transporting it to low earth orbit.

If we want to send nuclear waste to the sun, first of all, modern technology can’t reach the moon. Our spacecraft can’t get close to the sun. Once it gets close, it will melt. Maybe netizens said, anyway, it’s not in the sun, melting, isn’t it just to deal with it?

Some people say that it’s OK to send the nuclear waste to other planets and pollute other planets. In fact, sending nuclear waste to other useless planets in space is the best solution, but unfortunately, our earth’s science and technology can only use rockets to transport things into space. This way costs too much, and it is even more difficult to send nuclear waste to other planets. Now it takes a lot of effort for human science and technology to land on the moon. It’s estimated that no country can afford the cost of allowing spacecraft to transport nuclear waste.

The most important thing is that the power of our space technology spacecraft is not good. If the space shuttle can easily enter space without rocket boost, it will be much easier to transport goods, and the cost will naturally be much lower.

Xiaobian believes that in the future, human space science and technology will reach the level of free space in the universe. At that time, it is a common thing to go into space and land on other planets. At that time, some garbage on the earth, including nuclear waste, will not need to be piled up on the earth to occupy space, and there will be risks. All these garbage will be thrown on other useless planets. At that time, it will be too dangerous The Yang system will have a planet dedicated to human waste recycling.

This is the benefit of interstellar civilization. If you have a broad vision, don’t nest on such a small planet as the earth. The earth is just a planet to live on. You should take good care of all the polluted factories, polluted things and dangerous experiments. If you put them all on those unmanned planets in the universe, the environment of the earth will gradually become better and more beautiful.

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