Is it possible to throw plastic waste into a volcano? Scientists have done experiments!

According to the statistics of scientists, we have to create more than 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, which is a heavy pressure on the earth. A lot of plastics can not be decomposed in nature, so how to deal with these plastic wastes has become a top problem for scientists. Some people have said such an interesting view that if you throw rubbish into a volcano, it will be all right? Is this method really feasible?

Pollution situation of plastics

Since human beings entered the industrial society, our life has changed unprecedentedly. More and more intelligent products and plastic products have infiltrated into our life. While human beings are vigorously developing economy, they ignore the protection of the earth’s environment. The earth’s environment is facing a severe situation. Especially in some coastal countries, there are a lot of plastic wastes floating in the ocean, which damage the marine ecology, and marine fish can only die after eating these plastics by mistake. It’s really sad to see the remains of marine life and a lot of rubbish piled up at sea level. So how to deal with these plastic waste, how to recycle has become the focus of scientists’ consideration.

Now our country has begun to implement the policy of garbage classification, although some garbage can be recycled, but there are still a lot of garbage can not be decomposed. Is it feasible to put these plastic wastes that can’t be decomposed into volcanoes? In nature, volcano is a large-scale natural disaster that human beings can not prevent and face. No matter what objects are close to the volcano, they will be easily burned out, let alone throw these garbage into the volcano. In this way, volcanoes seem to be natural garbage collection sites, so why don’t scientists use volcanoes to dispose of garbage?

Can you throw rubbish into the volcano?

Not all volcanoes can play the role of waste incineration sites. To burn waste, we must find an active volcano. Even if we find a volcano, there will be greater danger waiting for human beings. The consequences of volcanic eruption are serious. A large amount of volcanic ash will be covered in the sky, and the splashing flames will also be scattered everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to throw waste into such a volcano Ben could not foresee the danger.

Most of the volcanoes are far away from human living areas, so even if human beings can overcome the danger and find active volcanoes, the distance and time are also costs that can not be ignored, so it is a thankless thing to use volcanoes to dispose of garbage. In 2002, scientists once threw 30 kilograms of garbage into the volcano. Unexpectedly, only 30 kilograms of garbage caused an explosion.

Moreover, volcanic eruption itself will cause pollution to the earth’s environment. If we throw garbage into the volcano again, won’t it accelerate the vicious circle of the earth’s environment? So it’s not feasible to use volcanoes to deal with garbage. The most important thing for us is to establish the awareness of environmental protection. Only when human beings stop making garbage, we don’t have to worry about it.

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