Is it really a coincidence that three coincidences in the solar system created the planet of life?

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, is the home of human survival. People in ancient times didn’t know about their homeland. At that time, there was no advanced technology. Everything could only be seen by their own eyes. Therefore, in the eyes of the ancients, the earth was the whole universe, and the sun, moon, stars and so on in the sky were only part of the earth.

With the continuous development of human beings, wise people continue to appear, began to doubt the earth and the world, began the initial exploration and research. So some people put forward the idea that there is more space outside the earth. However, due to the lack of astronomical telescopes and other equipment, we naturally do not know what the world outside the earth looks like.

Until mankind entered the era of science and technology, with the rapid development of science and technology, the world’s first man-made earth satellite “Sputnik 1” finally entered space on October 4, 1957. At this time, people saw the true face of the earth through man-made satellites, and also saw the vast universe for the first time. On April 12, 1961, the first manned spacecraft went into space, marking the realization of human’s flying dream and the beginning of the era of space exploration.

When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will think of the same question: is there the same intelligent civilization in the universe as human beings? Most people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and alien civilization, but with the deepening of human exploration, we still have not found any extraterrestrial life and alien civilization, but more and more people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilization.

The reason for this is that with the progress of human science and technology, more and more people know about the universe. Although no extraterrestrial life has been found, more and more people think that it is because human science and technology are too backward to really go out of the solar system for exploration.

Although we can’t really go out to explore the world of the solar system, we have a lot of knowledge about the space in the solar system. Through these knowledge, scientists can see the birth of the earth, a unique planet of life. It seems that it’s not so simple, because there are three coincidences that give birth to life and human beings. So what are the three coincidences? Now let’s get to know.

The first coincidence: the very superior conditions of the earth, whether the earth can become a planet of life, has a very close relationship with the various conditions of the earth itself. So what are the advantages of the earth? The first is the position of the earth from the sun. Although Venus and Mars are also in the habitable zone with the earth, we all know that Venus is a purgatory planet with a surface temperature of 460 ℃. Mars is also a very desolate planet.

Why is the earth the only planet in the habitable zone with the right temperature? The reason is that the position of the earth from the sun is just right, which is a perfect position. Is this coincidence really formed naturally? Apart from the right position from the sun, the earth has formed a very thick atmosphere and a very strong magnetic field.

In addition to these, the early Earth also encountered a lot of asteroid impact, these asteroids brought very rich mineral resources to the earth, such as the earth’s rich reserves of gold and other heavy metals is the impact of extraterrestrial stars. At the same time, the impact of the comet also brought abundant water resources to the earth. Behind all this seemingly coincidence, is there something we don’t know? At present, the coincidence of the early Earth is still a mystery.

The second coincidence: the earth has a very powerful “bodyguard”. After the various conditions of the earth itself are met, although life can be born on the earth, it is also very difficult for these lives to complete evolution and evolution over a long period of time, and finally form complex life forms and give birth to advanced human beings.

You know, the space of the solar system where the earth is located is not so peaceful. There are often asteroids that break away from their orbits and collide with the earth. We can see this by looking at the dense craters on the moon next to us. If the earth is still hit by asteroids frequently after the birth of life, it is difficult for life to continue to evolve. It is possible that the evolution of life will end halfway, making the earth a barren planet.

However, the earth has not been hit by frequent asteroids, and large-scale small earth star impact events rarely occur. The reason is that there is a powerful protector in front of the earth, which is Jupiter. Jupiter’s position is right in the earth’s place, and it is the solar system’s largest mass planet, its gravity is also very strong.

The strong gravitational effect makes it difficult for asteroids passing through Jupiter to escape its attraction and eventually fall into Jupiter or become its moons. Jupiter has 64 satellites, most of which are captured. Most of these satellites may be heading towards the earth in the initial direction. If there is no Jupiter, many large asteroids will hit the earth, which will be an extinction disaster.

In more than five days from 4:15 on July 17 to 8:12 on July 22, 1994, human beings all over the world witnessed a super comet impacting Jupiter, releasing energy equivalent to 2 billion atomic bombs, which would explode continuously within 130 hours. If this comet hit the earth, it would be enough to destroy all life on the earth, even make the earth’s ecology collapse completely, and there would be no possibility of repair.

The third coincidence: next to the earth, there are incredible satellites. It’s normal for planets to have moons. Most planets in the solar system have their own moons, especially giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn, with a large number of moons.

Although other planets have different numbers of satellites, the mass ratio and volume ratio of these satellites to planets are very small. Take the mass ratio for example, the mass ratio of other planets to their satellites is more than thousands of times. This is the normal mass ratio of planets and satellites, but the mass ratio of the moon to the earth has reached 1 / 81, which is a very incredible mass ratio. This proportion is unique in the solar system, and it is estimated that it is also very rare in the universe. At least, scientists have not found the second such proportion of satellites and planets.

What will the huge moon do to the earth? In fact, the impact is very big. First of all, the Earth Moon tidal force is too important for the stability of the earth’s ecosystem and the birth of life. In the early days, the earth’s rotation speed was very fast, and it was estimated that it would take only a few hours to rotate a circle. We should know that too fast rotation speed was extremely unfavorable for the formation of stable ecosystems and the birth of life.

At this time, the moon appeared, and it became the earth’s satellite with huge mass and volume. This is very inconceivable. It is too small to know that such a large moon wants to become the earth’s satellite. Under normal circumstances, once it is close to the earth, it will basically hit the earth. But the moon did it. We don’t know how it did it. Is it formed naturally or has other external forces?

In any case, the moon has become the earth’s satellite, bringing a strong Earth Moon tidal force, which makes the earth’s rotation speed slow. With a relatively slow and appropriate rotation speed, the earth has formed a stable and perfect ecosystem, and then the birth of life.

All this seems to be coincidence, but it has to make us have more doubts. Are the three coincidences born around the earth really just coincidence? Sometimes the resemblance often exceeds people’s expectation. It is estimated that the birth of life on earth and the origin of human beings are unusual. To solve these mysteries, we have to wait for more advanced technology to explore and study step by step.

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