Is it really a good thing that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is slowly “healing”?

Scientific research shows that no planet is more suitable for human habitation than the earth. The earth has a comfortable environment, four distinct seasons, suitable temperature, and the ozone layer around the earth.

What is the ozone layer? Does it work?

The ozone layer is the stratospheric layer with high ozone concentration. Most of the ozone in nature is distributed in the atmosphere 20 km-50 km away from the ground. The concentration of ozone varies with latitude, season and weather.

1、 Protective effect

The ozone layer can absorb the ultraviolet rays with wavelength below 306.3 nm in sunlight, and protect all living things on the earth from the damage of short wave ultraviolet rays.

2、 Heating effect

Ozone can convert the ultraviolet absorbed from the sunlight into heat energy to heat the atmosphere. In this way, there can be a warming layer at 15 km-50 km above the ground. Because of the existence of ozone, there will be stratosphere. Therefore, the temperature structure of the atmosphere has a very important impact on the atmospheric cycle.

3、 The role of greenhouse gases

Ozone plays an important role in the upper troposphere and the bottom of the stratosphere. If the amount of ozone at this height is reduced, the surface temperature will drop.

If there is no protection of the ozone layer, ultraviolet rays will irradiate the ground wantonly. Human skin can’t stand this kind of irradiation, and it is likely to have pathological changes or other mutations.

Therefore, the existence of the ozone layer is very important. It is an important condition for life to continue.

According to research, scientists have found that the ozone content in the atmosphere above Antarctica is significantly lower than that in the late 1970s.

In October 1982, for the first time, the ozone layer over Antarctica contained less than 200 ozone units, forming a hole in the ozone layer.

At this point, mankind began to panic, in shock for a long time can not ease over.

And strongly aware that the refrigerant CFCs in refrigerators are the main cause of reducing the amount of ozone in the atmosphere, so the world began to gradually ban the use of such refrigerants.

To this end, on September 16, 1987, 26 member states were invited to sign the Montreal Protocol on the control of substances that Deplete the ozone layer of the Convention on environmental protection in Montreal, Canada.

The use of CFCs is prohibited to avoid the deterioration and damage of CFCs in industrial products to the earth’s ozone layer.

However, scientists still found that the reduction of ozone will lead to the enhancement of ultraviolet rays, which will make the high-speed air flow in the southern hemisphere move southward, taking away rainwater and affecting the rainfall in Australia.

However, after so many years, fortunately, we are in peace, life is still calm, not because of the ozone hole had a huge impact.

Coupled with the joint efforts of human beings around the world, the Antarctic ozone hole has shrunk to 16 million square kilometers.

It may “heal” in recent years, which is undoubtedly good news for mankind, but scientists have found that the ozone content in the ozone layer has not increased.

The ozone layer “heals” by sacrificing its own thickness, and the thinning ozone layer is still in danger. We can’t take the problem of the earth’s environment lightly.

There is only one earth. If we don’t protect it well, we will just wait for the sixth extinction.

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