Is it the archetype of Chinese Dragon King? Once dominated the earth for 5 million years

Many people are interested in our “Chinese dragon”. Some people may think that “dragon” is a kind of culture, but many others believe that the dragon in Chinese mythology really exists, such as Yingkou dragon falling incident, Jiangsu Gaoyou dragon absorbing water incident, Songhua River Dragon falling incident, wild cat mouth dragon incident and so on. However, as to whether the Dragon really exists, Xiaobian prefers that the “dragon” is evolved from some kind of “dragon like creatures”. For example, many legendary beasts in Shanhaijing have found their archetypes in real life?

The creature Xiaobian wants to share with you today is the Dragon King whale, which Xiaobian has discovered and has been most imaginative with the dragon.

Dragon King whale, scientific name: Basilosaurus, meaning King lizard. You may wonder why whales are always called lizards? It turns out that at the beginning of the discovery of the fossil of the Dragon King whale, it was named “emperor lizard” because of its slender body and “short limbs” (later, it was found that the short limbs were degenerated hind limbs, which may prove that the whale evolved from terrestrial organisms). But later, it was found that it was indeed a fish.

In fact, from the fossil of Dragon King whale, I believe it is not difficult for us to see the similarities between its fossil and Chinese dragon, or even very similar. Is this the Dragon King we used to talk about? Not necessarily. Although they are similar, the Dragon King whale lived between 39 million and 34 million years ago, and its fossils have only been found in the United States, Pakistan and Egypt. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that our ancients discovered its fossils in ancient “foreign countries”.

I believe you must have heard of the Yingkou dragon falling event. At that time, people believed that it was the “real dragon”. In fact, there are endless cases of extinct creatures returning to the earth. Is it possible that this little-known Dragon King whale could return to the earth?

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