Is it the human ancestor? UFOs are not driven by aliens. They may be prehistoric humans

People’s curiosity is always very strong. It seems that we are all looking forward to exploring everything in the world, and we also hope to find something unknown in our own exploration process. Although thousands of scientists have devoted their lives to the science of the universe, the universe they are exploring is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the vast universe, we may find many secrets that we have never known, and we may not be able to find all of them, such as the secrets about aliens. We have been searching for aliens for a long time, but we don’t seem to find any strong evidence of their existence.

Is there really an alien in the universe? Many friends answered “yes”. At the end of the day, the universe is everywhere. Because both the earth and human beings can be born, theoretically speaking, the existence of aliens should also be reasonable. But how come we haven’t found them yet? Are aliens hiding on purpose, or is there any reason why we can’t detect them?

Although no extraterrestrials have been found, the legend of flying saucers has always existed. UFO is abbreviated as UFO. It has been recorded from ancient times to the present. Some ancient documents in China have also recorded UFO. However, ancient people knew little about the universe. People who did not know the truth regarded UFO as the vehicle of gods. Some leading scholars think that it may be something we can’t understand.

In modern times, the phenomenon of UFO is becoming more and more serious. There are eyewitness reports around the world almost every month. Many eyewitnesses claim that they have seen UFOs, and they describe this scene vividly. That is to say, we are not 100% sure whether aliens exist, although UFOs are relatively likely to exist. Scientists also have different opinions and conjectures on this point.

First of all, we think that UFO is a kind of natural phenomenon. There are some strange natural phenomena in nature. Sometimes these natural phenomena are just like flying saucers. People mistook the natural phenomena for UFO

Another point of view is that UFO is the exhaust gas produced during rocket launching. We know that the fuel ejected from the tail of the rocket after launching forms various strange scenes. Especially at night, the rocket is easy to be regarded as UFO by people who do not know the truth.

Another point of view is that UFO is a product of extraterrestrial civilization and an alien aircraft. It is easy to distinguish some suspected natural phenomena of UFO or the scene of rocket launching exhaust fuel, so both of them do not conform to the law. Unlike other UFOs, these UFOs are obviously controlled by people.

So the question is, if UFOs do exist, does that mean that aliens do exist?

At this point, we might as well boldly assume that perhaps the UFO sitting inside is not aliens, but we are most familiar with strangers. Do you think this sentence is a little strange? It’s not really hard to understand.

Some scientists have found that there was once a high-speed flying unidentified object flying around the earth outside the earth, which makes people feel that it is very familiar. If you haven’t been to the earth, how can you know the earth so well? That is, the driver of the unidentified object is likely to come from earth.

However, with the level of modern technology, it is impossible to produce such a high-tech spacecraft. As a result, it was suggested that its pilot might be a prehistoric civilization. They had built a spaceship that could soar in the space very early, so they went to outer space to travel. And I just passed the earth recently, so I stayed there as a memory.

If this is true, the aliens we are looking for are not aliens, but our ancestors. So, which statement would you rather believe? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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