Is it true that a stone 100000 years ago is inlaid with “three-phase plug”?

Is it true that a stone 100000 years ago is inlaid with “three-phase plug”?

There are many mysterious civilizations in the world, and the Maya civilization has been in the scope of scientists’ discussion. We all know that the Mayans have advanced astronomical knowledge, and even their construction level has reached a corresponding level, which can be regarded as the top of their kind. It’s just very strange that such a high-tech civilization disappeared from the earth overnight, leaving no trace. Scientists have been exploring where the Mayans went? Are there any other sites left? These are all worthy of study.

In 1998, an American scientist discovered a stone by accident. This stone is completely different from the previous one. It is also inlaid with a triangular plug on the surface. According to the relevant tests, we know that this stone has a history of many years, almost 100000 years, which arouses the curiosity of many people. Some people ask this question: could human beings have invented the plug 100000 years ago? Is it true that a stone 100000 years ago is inlaid with “three-phase plug”?

Judging from the stone found, the plug is extremely complete, with no trace of loss. It is not like it has a history of 100000 years. It is embedded in the rough stone crevice. It is not like it was polished by hand, and it may grow naturally. Scientists have used various methods to prove that the plug is not made by human beings, and it has high research value.

In the process of research, scientists found that the composition of the plug is completely different from that of the rock. The age of the plug may be much longer than that of the stone. In other words, the plug may have existed before the stone was formed. At present, there are many problems worth pondering. According to the truth, after such a long time, the plug is likely to be corroded. However, the plug is intact. What material does it use?

It was suggested that the stone should be cut and the plug should be put out for research, but the scientists were extremely worried. The first person who found the stone didn’t want to take it away. He wanted to keep it. After all, it was a rare stone. Secondly, if this plug is really made by higher civilization, we do not have enough ability to bear the consequences at present. If there are other alien species in the world, then the status of human beings will be challenged unprecedentedly, and the whole human society will be impacted, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

Science is extremely rigorous. In the process of exploring the truth, we should also follow the actual situation. Not everything we see is true. Maybe this kind of plug has existed in ancient times. Maybe it’s a human prank. What’s its origin? It’s still under further study. Scientists have never given up. What do you think of this stone with plug What about the law? You can leave a message for interaction.

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