Is it true that American women claim to have seen aliens and returned to earth 136 years later?

In recent years, UFO news has been common, and there have been many strange events in history. Some people claim that they have seen and been kidnapped by aliens. It’s just like the scenes in science fiction movies. These events have disappeared in the long history, and it’s hard for us to distinguish the true from the false.

But in 2010, an American woman told the world about her unusual experience. Her name was Katarina. She claimed that she not only met aliens, but also had metal implants in her brain. At that time, in the early morning of one day, Lina was wandering aimlessly on the road, looking like she lost her soul. There is a police found Lina, the police see Lina’s state feel very worried, so forward to ask, but Lina did not make any response, but the police had to take Lina to the hospital, the doctor for Lina after a general examination, the doctor thinks she suffered serious psychological trauma, need to recuperate.

What has American women experienced?

After a few days, under the careful care of the doctor, Lina finally returned to normal. At this time, she told everyone about her experience, and everyone present was shocked. She said she came from 1839, met aliens in 1874, and was hijacked by aliens. At that time, it was 2010, 136 years after 1874. How could a normal person live such a long time and still keep his appearance in his 30s? If you look carefully, you will find that Lina’s clothes are the same style that she wore more than 100 years ago. She told the police that the clothes she was wearing were changed on the day of being hijacked. Although it has been more than 100 years, there is no change in the clothes. It is still a new one.

The police realized that the incident might not be so simple, so they found the UFO research expert maelus to communicate with Lina. Lina told maerles about her experience. She was a teacher. At that time, she saw a group of children in the campus. She thought they were just ordinary students, so she didn’t pay special attention to them. However, she felt a mysterious force. Her body was out of control, and was slowly rising into the sky. It seemed that she had entered a huge metal space. She vaguely remembers that she entered an operating room and had a general examination. Then she fell into a coma. By the time she opened her eyes again, she had gone to another planet whose environment was very different from that of the earth.

There is a lot of fog on this planet. Although it’s like a fairyland, Lina doesn’t feel happy. She only smells a severe pungent smell. At this time, she realizes that she is not a guest of this planet, but an experimental object of alien civilization. She felt that the alien had a metal object on her forehead. She felt that life was like years on this planet, but she didn’t expect that when she returned to earth again, her appearance didn’t change at all.

Metal in skull

After listening to Lina’s words, the doctor immediately carried out a more detailed examination of Lina. They found that a metal object really appeared in Lina’s skull, and the metal has been integrated with the skull. The doctor can’t judge whether the metal object is good or bad, but he doesn’t dare to operate rashly. If there is an accident in the operation, Lina will soon be disappointed. In our opinion, this incident is too sci-fi, many people can’t believe it.

However, there are still many unsolved mysteries on the earth. It will take a long time for human beings to completely solve these mysteries by means of current science and technology. Does alien life exist? We don’t know whether they have come to the earth. Maybe we can solve these mysteries only on the day when human civilization achieves a qualitative leap.

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