Is it true that China shot down UFO?

In April 5th, around 3 p.m. local time in China, the US Army’s sensors in Naha detected abnormal electromagnetic signals from Chinese mainland, the US aviation Weekly reported.

According to the source of the electromagnetic signal, we tracked down an area near Chongqing City, China, where we found a circular metal object with a diameter of 60 feet covered by canvas by high-resolution satellite.

At present, the authorities are trying their best to block the news. It is speculated that the alien spaceship was forced to land by the Chinese Communist Party, and it is estimated that there is no life on the spaceship.

The US side is worried and frustrated about this incident. There is no doubt that the shell alloy process of UFO and the principle of propulsion device will be taken back by China for research and digestion. The military representative has informed Congress of the seriousness of this incident and further urged Congress to agree to the process of exporting F22 to Japan!

As the security adviser of the report, Bruce MacDonald believes that it is very necessary for China and the United States to strengthen cooperation in the field of space. He said, “at present, there is a danger of space conflict with China, and preventing space conflict is the primary task to ensure the national security of the United States.

Nowadays, many evidences prove that alien science and technology have declassified the Chinese Communist Party, their military science and technology will make great progress in the future, and various gaps in science and technology will no longer hinder the Chinese Communist Party’s global hegemony.

What are we hesitating about? “MacDonald suggested:” while improving space defense capabilities, the US government should strengthen communication and cooperation with China to avoid unnecessary friction.

UFO landing at desert Airport

One summer in 1993, Tianyang airport in Guangxi was extremely dull. Most of the pilots were asleep, leaving only a few on duty.

At about 3:30 in the morning, the sentry suddenly found that there were three compass like things in the sky, flying very slowly and very low. He immediately reported to the flight captain Luo Xiangsheng who was on duty. Before he had time to ask for instructions from his superiors, the three flying saucers first fired a beam of light at the aircraft on the airport, and the aircraft exploded one by one.

The captain ordered us to upgrade to the first-class combat level. The pilot boarded the Su-27. With the rise of a signal bomb, the plane took off one after another. I don’t know if we found out whether we wanted to fight back or if the attack was over. The flying saucer began to withdraw.

Our pilot followed up and attacked them, but the UFO remained indifferent. Ten minutes later, it was discovered that the UFO was carrying the plane around in circles. At this time, the UFO began to fight back. A Su-27 was shot down and the pilot parachuted out of the plane.

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