Is it true that scientists discovered a mummy who can “speak” 5300 years ago?

In the long history of human civilization, there is a civilization that occupies a pivotal position, that is the ancient Egyptian culture. When it comes to ancient Egypt, many people think of the mysterious and magnificent pyramids, but in fact, Egyptian mummies are also one of the most important helpers in our study of that era. Is it true that scientists once claimed that a mummy 5300 years ago could speak?

First of all, we need to understand how mummies were made. Ancient Egypt was always full of awe for life. Many Pharaons and noble families would choose to make mummies after death, which means immortality. They believe that when human beings die, if the corpse is buried in the soil, it will not only cause a large number of bacteria, but also affect the living people, so they developed the mummy technology.

Mummy making process

Generally speaking, it takes a long time to make a mummy. The three-month manufacturing time makes the mummy making industry a hot occupation. At that time, many people would choose to store the corpse in the mummy making room after death. After all the preparatory work, the worker would take out a metal hook, which he put into his head from his nostril. The purpose of doing this was to stir the brain of the dead, so that the brain would flow out from his nostril. After it was completely cleaned, he would put in alcohol to play a role Disinfection effect.

Then they cut a hole on the left side of their body, remove all the internal organs, and add salt and rosin products. Of course, they will keep an internal organ, which is the heart. Only if the heart stays in the body can they achieve immortality and return to the body. After all these processes are completed, people will fill the corpse with filling material, put it in the Nile River for a bath after a period of time, remove the water and put it for a month, put a lot of cinnamon and rosin in the belly of the corpse, and then wrap it with linen from head to foot, and the mummy is finished.

Talking mummies

When it comes to mummies, the most surprising is the mummy of Oz in the Alps. At that time, an Italian scientific team found him in the glaciers of the Alps.

Although it has been frozen for thousands of years, his body parts are still very complete. Later, scientists designed an airway model through precise equipment and drawing. Under the control of this model, the mummy made a sound. Of course, it’s just a sound simulated by a scientist using the system. He has lost his life and has no consciousness for a long time. But with advanced technology, we can make them speak again. This also shows how powerful science is. What do you think?

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