Is it true that scientists have put forward the “Immortality” plan, which will be realized in 2045?

Is it true that scientists have put forward the “Immortality” plan, which will be realized in 2045?

In the information age, due to the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, after enjoying the new life brought by science and technology, human beings also have extra energy to explore in other fields. Especially after the industrial revolution, the speed of human development seems to accelerate rapidly. So that people have been on the earth for only a few million years, they can develop to this day, which is far beyond the prediction of human beings. In the course of human development, how human life was born has been a difficult problem for scientists for many years. How did our ancestors use tools?

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, everything in the world actually originates from the ocean. How did human beings move from the ocean to the land in the process of evolution? Scientists predict that if we take the current level of scientific and technological development, perhaps in 25 years’ time, there will be an unprecedented big change, which will overturn our original cognition, and the level of science and technology at that time will be enough to enable human beings to achieve immortality.

This prediction has attracted a lot of people’s attention. We can feel in real life that after the emergence of computers, human entertainment seems to be becoming more and more. With the advent of supercomputers, even some have replaced people. For example, some time ago, there was a case of alpha dog beating the champion of go. At present, human beings have to face a big problem is artificial intelligence.

Earlier, some scientists suggested that human beings should control the development of artificial intelligence and never let it develop into a state beyond our control. Since mankind entered the information age, it seems that mankind is being controlled by intelligent devices. More and more people are immersed in science and technology and can’t extricate themselves. The most common phenomenon is that a large number of people have become the “underdog”. After the popularity of the Internet, human beings can even walk around the world with a mobile phone. At present, the degree of human dependence on science and technology was not predicted at the beginning. At the same time, some people are very worried about whether the development of science and technology is in danger?

Some people think that the core program of the intelligent devices we have created is still controlled by us after all, which means that intelligent robots can not cause danger to human beings. As long as human beings use the right way, they will be the right helpers in their daily life. The core program of a robot is actually the way of thinking given by human beings. If this way of thinking is implanted into a robot, will it achieve immortality to a certain extent? But from the appearance, this kind of person still belongs to the category of robot.

Perhaps over time, human beings can bionic some nervous system or other complex organ structures through intelligent devices, and transplant these organs into our human body, so that human beings may also have eternal life. If this idea of scientists becomes a reality, then human beings are very likely to become immortal. At present, some scientists are using embryos of other species to build the first living robot, and also have applications in medicine. Do you have any different views on this? Please leave a message in the comments area.

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