Is it true that scientists say there is water on the surface of the moon and it comes from the earth?

Take a look at the following picture of the moon. Do you think it’s dry, desolate and gray. In fact, this is not the case.

Some scientists said: Although the surface of the moon looks drier than the deserts on earth, after many astronomical observations and lunar surface investigations, traces of water have been found.

There may be about 32 ounces of liquid water in the outermost layer of the moon’s surface.

This discovery is of great significance to human beings. The water on the earth’s surface will provide great convenience for the future human base on the moon, and can also be used as potential drinking water and fuel resources.

In fact, it was discovered more than 40 years ago. The Apollo astronauts brought several rock samples back to earth.

After research and analysis, scientists found that there are water molecules in this rock. But at that time, scientists didn’t think much about it. They just thought that the rocks were polluted by the earth’s water.

But in fact, the container containing rock samples is very closed and safe, so it is difficult to have problems.

Since there are water resources on the moon, where do they come from?

Some scientists think it was left by comets carrying a lot of water ice after they hit the moon. We all know that comets are small bodies with water. When they collide with the moon, the water ice on comets will stay on the surface of the moon.

In the universe for billions of years, the surface of the moon has been impacted by a large number of comets and other asteroids, thus saving “rich” water resources.

Some scientists believe that it originated from the sun. When the sun emits solar wind, the solar wind contains a large number of hydrogen ions. These hydrogen ions will react with the oxides on the surface of the moon to form water.

Some scientists believe that the solar wind will blow some water molecules out of the earth’s atmosphere to the moon, and the moon will capture water resources from the earth.

However, these two formation models are not widely recognized, and it is difficult to form a large scale of water resources, so people usually think that the water resources on the moon are from comets, asteroids and other celestial bodies.

But anyway, it is true that there is water on the moon, and there are different opinions about where the water comes from, so it remains to be verified.

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