Is it true that the Martian boy predicted that the earth would be born in China?

Today’s earth environment is not as good as before, in the face of endless natural disasters, many people also think of the prediction of the prophet. Especially in 2020, many forecasters think it’s an unusual year. The Martian boy who once had a big fire on the Internet predicted 2020. What did he say at that time? Will it come true?

There are Martians?

He was born in a small town in Russia. His name is polyska. The reason why he caught fire on the Internet is his shocking words. At that time, polisca was only eight years old. He was attending a campfire party at school. While his companions were dancing, he suddenly mumbled to himself. At this time, his companions stopped and began to ask him. Standing in front of the campfire, the Martian boy claimed that he was not an earthman, but came from the distant Mars. Due to an accident on his own planet, a small number of Martians could only go underground to survive. He was very familiar with the earth, so he drove a spacecraft to the earth.

At first people thought it was just the Martian boy’s nonsense, but as the professor asked him more questions, what he said became more professional. Mars boy’s reputation immediately spread to the surrounding towns, he also became a little famous local celebrity. This child prodigy naturally attracted the attention of scientists. Scientists once conducted a lie detection on the Martian boy and found that he did not lie. Is he really from Mars?

Mars boy’s prediction

Russia’s Pravda also reported and interviewed the Martian boy. It was in this conversation that he predicted the future of the earth. The year 2020 is the beginning of disaster. By 2050, mankind will face a test of life and death. At the same time, he also warned everyone not to worry. At that time, there will be a protector of the earth, who is still a Chinese. In other words, the hope of the future of the earth will be born in China.

The appearance of the Martian boy caused a great shock at that time. However, just when he was famous, he suddenly disappeared in front of human beings. Since then, he has never appeared again. Some people think that the Martian boy may return to Mars, while others think that he is afraid that his lies will be exposed and hidden.

No matter what the Martian boy said is true or not, it also rings an alarm for human beings. If we continue to destroy the earth’s environment, maybe, as he said, there will be more disasters on the earth. I don’t know if you have heard the prediction of Mars boy. Will the hope of the future really be in China?

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