Is it true that the rover has taken a picture of a suspected “human bone”? The answer of scientists is bright

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When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they are full of curiosity about the existence of extraterrestrial life. From the perspective of the universe, the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life is basically 100%, but before human beings really find extraterrestrial life, the topic of extraterrestrial life is just a variety of speculation.

Due to the limitation of science and technology, human beings have not been able to go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies, and the focus of searching for extraterrestrial life can only be put on the solar system. Some people may say that scientists search for alien civilization by transmitting wireless signals and searching for cosmic signals? In fact, the probability of success of these two search methods is basically zero.

Even if there are wireless signals from advanced civilizations in the universe, due to different civilizations, there is a huge gap in scientific and technological strength. With the existing scientific and technological strength of mankind, even if we are lucky enough to receive such civilized signals, we can not crack them and understand the contents of the signals.

Therefore, the focus of scientists’ search for extraterrestrial life is still on the solar system, and Mars is the most likely extraterrestrial life in the solar system. Mars is a neighbor of the earth and also a planet in the habitable zone. Theoretically speaking, the possibility of the existence of Mars is very high.

Since human beings stepped out of the earth in the last century, the mission of exploring Mars has begun. Although it is a neighbor of the earth, the exploration we can achieve is limited to unmanned probes. Over the past half century, scientists have launched dozens of probes to Mars, including orbiters and landers.

Through the continuous efforts of these probes, we have a lot of knowledge about Mars. We know that the surface of Mars is very desolate, and there is still water in the polar regions. In addition, the probe also found ancient river beds and organic matter on the surface of Mars. All kinds of signs show that Mars was not as desolate as it is now, but a beautiful planet with life.

Then there was an unknown disaster on Mars, which gradually became what it is now. The discovery made scientists very excited. This means that Mars used to be a beautiful ecological planet and probably had life. Although it has become a desolate planet now, there may still be some tenacious life.

Among the numerous Mars probes, curiosity rover, which was launched in 2011 and landed on the surface of Mars in August 2012, has made the greatest contribution to human beings. Patting chest is also the first Mars rover in the world to use nuclear power. It is powerful and powerful.

An important mission of curiosity rover is to search for signs of life that may exist on Mars. In the process of continuous exploration, curiosity has sent back a large number of Mars photos to the earth, some of which have attracted great attention of scientists, and even some photos show the phenomenon of suspected life. For example, some time ago, a picture of Mars “human bone” aroused heated discussion.

From this picture, we can clearly see that there is something very similar to “human bone”, so is it true? Later, NASA scientists answered this question. This photo is true, and the suspected “human bone” on it is also true, but it is not a real human bone, but a natural product carved by wind or water erosion.

In fact, a lot of photos sent back by curiosity, such as the photos of suspected life substances, there are many, for example, in 2019, entomologists also announced the existence of insects on Mars, and also announced it at the American Science annual meeting. Finally, NASA announced that it was a fossil, as well as Mars Bigfoot, Mars spoon, Mars female warrior, Mars mushroom and so on.

From the photos, these things are very similar to the products of life or civilization, but the real situation is that they are the result of natural action. Even on the earth, we can see many stone like gods. They are the products of nature’s uncanny workmanship. Mars often has storms. It’s not surprising that some stone like gods appear in the natural environment.

Although curiosity has not yet found real life on Mars, with the deepening of exploration, scientists have higher expectations for the probability of life on Mars. Scientists do not expect to be able to find some complex life on Mars. According to the Martian environment, the probability of the birth of complex life is basically zero.

Although advanced life is unlikely to appear, the probability of the existence of microorganisms is very high. They may exist in Martian soil. Curiosity has no more powerful detection tools, and it has no ability to detect the existence of life in Martian soil. And scientists put their hopes on NASA’s next-generation Mars probe, willpower.

Equipped with a high-power camera and an ultraviolet laser, the willpower Mars probe explores life on Mars by determining the chemical and mineral composition of the soil.

In addition, China’s tianwen-1 Mars probe has been launched for more than two months, and will soon land on Mars for various explorations, including the exploration of life. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, the ability of the probe is also improving. With their help, the mission of searching for life on Mars will soon have good news.

The existence of life on Mars is of great significance to human beings. From the perspective of exploring extraterrestrial life, if life is found on Mars, then the question about the existence of extraterrestrial life will be answered. From the perspective of future transformation and migration to Mars, if there is life on Mars, more aspects need to be considered for the transformation and survival of Mars.

We should know that life on different planets, due to different living environments, may have huge differences in genes and other aspects. Even the Martian microorganisms, for the earth’s ecological environment, what kind of life on earth will produce, is also a huge challenge. If there is no life on Mars, we can confidently and boldly carry out all kinds of transformation on Mars, and there will be less obstacles to the goal of human migration to Mars in the future.

But if there is life on Mars, we need to consider all kinds of threats they may pose to human beings. Of course, if we want to really search for more information about Mars, we still need to send astronauts to land for detailed exploration in the future, or even establish a human base on Mars. As long as we can land a man on Mars, it’s easy to understand events like the discovery of a suspected “human bone” by curiosity.

Exploring life on Mars is only one direction for human beings to search for extraterrestrial life. In fact, besides Mars, some moons of Jupiter and Saturn are also very likely to have life. It’s just that it’s much more difficult to explore those satellites than Mars. It can be seen that science and technology are the most important. As long as our scientific and technological strength can be greatly improved and we can quickly travel all corners of the solar system, it will be very simple to search for extraterrestrial life that may exist in the solar system.

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