Is it true that two astronauts were sucked into the black hole? What happens when you cross into a black hole

Rumors spread on the Internet that two American astronauts were sucked into the black hole. The first person to break the news was a retired American astronaut who said he had entered the black hole more than once. Moreover, after entering the black hole, it will shuttle to other time and space. From this American astronaut’s mouth, black hole has become a space-time travel tool. Because the American astronaut was dying, he made the secret public. But the news was anonymous, and it sounded fake. It’s not real at all. So you guys can have a look. There’s really no need to believe it.

What happens if you go into a black hole

If an astronaut is sucked into a black hole, will he die immediately?

In fact, this is a false proposition, which may or may not die. In fact, black holes also have a nickname, called “interstellar gate”, which means that you can enter another space through a black hole. However, the Stargate is like a wormhole, and the black hole blocks the connection between the universe and other spaces. It’s possible that on the other side of the black hole, there’s a whole new world we’ve never seen before.

Nevertheless, astronauts will fall into a black hole and may enter another space, or reach the universe billions of light-years away. If we want to survive successfully, we must surpass the speed of light. According to Einstein’s theory, the speed of light is the fastest in the world.

This hypothesis is only a theoretical experiment

In the universe, a black hole is a very small object with a very large mass. How small can it be? Theoretically, it’s 1.6 M 10 ^ – 35, which is Planck’s length and the smallest length in physics. Because black hole has huge mass, it has shocking gravity, it can suck all matter into it, and even light can’t escape from it.

Astronomers have made such a hypothesis: if astronauts unfortunately fall into a black hole, what will happen? Of course, if the nearest black hole to the earth is also located in the constellation a of Sagittarius, which is about 26000 light-years away from us, then it is impossible for us to do such an experiment in reality. Therefore, this is only a theoretical experiment.

If swallowed, there may be no feeling

Because the speed of the astronauts being swallowed is close to the speed of light, they are swallowed very fast, almost instantaneously engulfing the black hole completely. What if the astronauts are swallowed by a black hole? Due to the slow flight speed of astronauts in the strong gravitational field, the astronauts will feel that they are swallowed faster, much faster than the instant. That is to say, the astronauts were swallowed by the black hole unconsciously. In terms of phagocytosis rate, the astronauts felt no pain, and almost no pain.

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