Is it true that unknown metals and suspected UFO fragments were excavated in Shanxi coal mine?

For a long time, extraterrestrials and UFOs have been people’s conversation, which has become a mystery in human history. Although many people claim to have seen extraterrestrials, there is no evidence to prove it. In China, there was a UFO incident. At that time, it was in 2007, a coal mine in Shanxi was suspected of digging up UFO debris. Is this true?

Unidentified metals in coal mines

When a tourist was visiting Shangrao County in Jiangxi Province, he accidentally broke into a barren mountain. When he was about to return, he found a stone that was very eye-catching. This stone is not like an ordinary stone, and its shape is like a flying saucer. When he went back, he told his friends about the discovery. The incident spread more and more widely. A reporter also knew about it, so he planned to go to the barren mountain to find out. In 1988, an unidentified metal was excavated from a coal mine in Shanxi Province, which shocked the scientific community. Many scientists came to the coal mine to study the metal.

At that time, the coal miners claimed that as the depth got deeper and deeper, the equipment was hindered. No matter how they dug, there was no way to continue to go deeper. Moreover, when they were close to the metal, they would have a brief coma. Local people speculate that perhaps these metals are meteorites that have fallen. We can also find traces of meteorites in many local places. When scientists studied these metals, they didn’t appear coma symptoms, and the metal didn’t seem to be the product of the earth. At that time, the level of science and technology was very limited, and this event also became a mystery.

Secrets of coal mines

Local people have been spreading such a legend. In the Tang Dynasty, there was a stone temple here. Their ancestors warned their descendants not to start construction here. After many generations, no one broke this rule. Until a rich local businessman bought the land and mined the coal. Over the years, the coal mines here have not dried up, and the wages given by the rich businessmen are very rich, so the local economy is also developing rapidly. Maybe there are some secrets in this coal mine?

In order to solve the mystery of these metal fragments, scientists once again carried out the decomposition. They speculated that the metal fragments were probably the remains of the spaceship left by aliens. However, this scientist’s words have not been recognized by everyone. If this is really left by aliens, why have no other metal remains been found?

This incident is still an unsolved mystery. Today, legends have been emerging one after another. What’s more, it is claimed that scientists were in a coma in the process of research, and some coal miners saw unidentified creatures. There is no basis for such a claim. Maybe it is just the brain opening of human beings. Although there are many witnesses, due to the level of science and technology at that time, this incident has no visual effect Frequency information left, we can no longer textual research, I do not know if you have heard of it?

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