Is it true that you can find your birthday, mobile phone number and bank card password in Pi?

Hundreds of years ago, human beings entered the era of science and technology, and the powerful force of science and technology made human civilization achieve a qualitative leap. Nowadays, all the achievements of human civilization mainly depend on science and technology, which is also a kind of Science in essence.

I believe everyone knows the mystery and power of science. It can be said that everything in the world and the universe can not escape the scope of science. For example, do you want to know how the universe originated? Science will tell you that you want to know how life on earth came into being, and so will science. More boldly, if you want to know how to become the richest man on earth, science can also tell you. Even if you want to know how to achieve immortality, science can do it.

Science is omnipotent, it is the God of the universe. There are many branches under science, one of which is the core and foundation of all branches, and it is mathematics. I believe my friends are not unfamiliar with mathematics. From the day we went to kindergarten, we initially began to deal with mathematics. And mathematics is also the universal code of the universe. There is nothing mathematics can’t do.

When we went to school, the teacher told us: to learn mathematics and chemistry well, we are not afraid to travel all over the world. Mathematics and chemistry are the essence of all things. The essence of all things in this world can be found in mathematics and chemistry. Among the three or six disciplines of mathematics and chemistry, mathematics is the biggest one. Its quality directly determines the quality of physics and chemistry. So many great scientists have excellent mathematical foundation. For example, Einstein spent 10 years to review mathematics. It can be seen that the position of mathematics in Einstein’s mind is that he has a strong mathematical foundation, and finally he can achieve brilliant results in physics.

The most important thing in surface mathematics is all kinds of formulas and numbers. They are the core of mathematics. There are a lot of mathematics in the mathematical system, and some numbers are still very mysterious. For example, we are going to talk about the PI today. I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. It has been in contact with us since we were in primary school.

PI is the longest mathematical constant, the specific definition is the ratio of the circumference of a circle and its diameter, expressed by the Greek letter π. The PI is actually an irrational number. Specifically, it can not be completely expressed by fractions. It is an infinite non cyclic decimal.

The age of PI has not been decided yet, but we know that it has appeared thousands of years ago. In the history of human civilization, many mathematicians have a special preference for it and devote their whole life to the research and exploration of the mystery of PI. For example, Zu Chongzhi in the Southern Song Dynasty of China calculated the number of digits after the decimal point to 7, while some mathematicians in India calculated the number of digits after the decimal point to 5.

PI is an irrational number, theoretically speaking, it can contain all numbers. So someone once put forward a bold guess: you can find your birthday, mobile phone number, bank card number and password in PI, so is this really the case? Some people may think that no matter how powerful the PI is, it is impossible to find all the digital information of human identity.

But the real results make people surprised, the power of PI is related to its more digits, when it has more and more digits, its function will be more and more powerful. Before human beings had no computer, the calculation of PI depended on manual work. Naturally, the efficiency was very slow, and there were not many digits.

However, with the help of computers, the number of digits of PI has reached a new high. Up to now, we have calculated pi to 10 trillion decimal places, which is something that human beings can’t do by hand. It can be seen from this that the computer has brought great help to mankind. No wonder many people say that the greatest invention of mankind after entering the era of science and technology is the computer.

With 10 trillion digits of PI, we can constantly verify people’s conjecture. First of all, let’s take a look at the bank card password. If we want to find a 6-digit number in the 10 trillion digits, relying on artificial labor is naturally a very huge workload. But now we have a computer, by writing a small code, we can make the huge amount of work very easy.

After the code is written, we try to enter our own 6-digit bank card password, and the result is that it appears accurately in a certain number of PI. We have tried many times, entered the bank card password of different people, the results can be found accurately and quickly in the number of PI. Now, we have been able to confirm that the PI does include all the bank card passwords of human beings.

In fact, such a thing can also be demonstrated by mathematical concept inference. The password of a bank card is 6 digits. If we take the longest life expectancy of human beings as 120 years, then the number of bank card passwords possessed by human beings is the largest, that is, between 19 million and 20191110. This number has not exceeded 1 billion, and it can completely contain all the passwords of the existing bank cards.

Using the same method, we can also calculate that the human birthday can be found within 3.51 digits. The mobile phone number is an 11 digit number, that is, the range of 10000000000-999999999. We also write a code, and then input some mobile phone numbers randomly. As a result, a certain position of PI can also show the mobile phone number we are looking for.

If we want to find all the mobile phone numbers, we need to use 460.6 billion digits, and human beings have calculated the circumference to 100 billion digits by computer. This number is far from the limit of PI digits, so theoretically, we can find all mobile phone numbers in PI. Of course, to do this, in actual operation, the requirements for computers are very high, ordinary computers can not do, need to use supercomputers.

Finally, there is the bank card number, which is a 19 digit number. Theoretically speaking, the PI is an infinite non circulating decimal. In its world, it contains all the bank card numbers, but in the actual operation, it is still impossible to do so with the ability of the current supercomputer. Thus, the PI is a very powerful number, it contains all the numbers. As long as our computer is powerful enough, no number can be found.

It is precisely because of the infinite characteristic and powerful function of PI that scientists attach great importance to the research and exploration of PI, and it also has many applications in the human world, one of the most powerful applications is in cryptography. As we all know, the emergence of computers and networks has facilitated people’s lives, but at the same time, it also makes a lot of privacy information easy to leak.

Many important files or data need to be encrypted, and the traditional encryption method is easy to be cracked, so cryptographers think of PI. If the number in PI is used to encrypt, the possibility of being cracked is very small. Although PI contains all the numbers, it needs more powerful technology to find a number in this huge world.

We don’t know where the PI will go in the future. Many people worry that someone will use pi to crack some of our private digital information in the future, such as birthday, bank card number and password. In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous. If there are such powerful hackers, they may not see our money. Of course, with the increasing number of PI digits and the rapid improvement of computer ability, people’s privacy information is more likely to leak in the future, that’s for sure. In this regard, we can only expect to have a stronger information protection model in the future.

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