Is it unfortunate or lucky that the solar system is in the desolate and remote part of the Milky way? You’ll see after reading it

The earth is the home of human survival. If you want to ask where is the most mysterious and powerful place on the earth? I believe many people will answer that it is the earth’s core. Yes, the earth is a rocky planet, and its center is the earth’s core. What will the earth’s core look like? I believe no one knows. Normally, as the depth of the earth increases, the temperature and pressure inside the earth become higher and higher.

Under normal circumstances, the mantle layer is already liquid material, but scientists found that there is a huge solid material in the mantle layer through seismic wave detection. When we get to the core of the earth, the temperature is higher and the pressure is higher. Even the metal here will melt completely. However, scientists believe that the core of the earth is divided into the outer core and the inner core. The inner core may be solid material, and the outer core exists in liquid state. How can this solid matter exist in the form of solid? This is the biggest secret of the earth.

After going out of the earth, we will see the solar system, which is the home of the earth. The most mysterious and powerful thing in the solar system is the stellar sun, which is located in the center of the solar system. The mass of the sun accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system. Its interior is nuclear fusion, which is our most superficial understanding of the sun. The mysteries of the sun, that is, stars, are much more complicated than this, but human science and technology can not go deep into the sun to explore.

The home of the solar system is the Milky way, a galaxy with a diameter of 100000 light-years, containing hundreds of billions of small galaxies like the solar system. The Milky way naturally has a center, and hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way orbit around the center steadily. We all know that mass is the most important thing in the universe. The greater the mass of the celestial body, the greater its gravity, and the wider the range of influence and binding, the larger the celestial body will be.

It can be seen that there must be a celestial body with a mass at least 4 million times that of the sun in the center of the Milky way. What is such celestial experience? If it is a star, its mass also has an upper limit, and the mass of the largest star cannot reach 4 million times that of the sun. Finally, scientists conjectured that only supermassive black holes can bring 4 million times the mass of the sun, and can bring super huge gravity, which firmly binds the range of 100000 light-years in diameter.

The solar system is about 25000 light-years away from the galactic center, which is equivalent to the desolation and remoteness of the Milky way. Although there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Milky way, there is a rule in the distribution of these galaxies, that is, the closer they are to the center of the Milky way, the more stars there are and the more matter there is. The farther they are from the center of the Milky way, the less stars there are and the less interstellar matter there is and the less resources there are.

The development of human beings is far away from resources and energy, but the solar system is far away from the center of the galaxy. Is it unfortunate or lucky? If a country on earth is in a place where resources are very scarce, it is difficult for the country to develop. The reason is very simple. The development of human beings and science and technology is inseparable from resources. Without resources, there is no way to start development.

The reason why China can become a world power step by step is that China is a big country with rich resources. With rich resources, we can not worry about the development of science and technology. So is it the same in the galaxy, the closer to the center of the galaxy, the better? The closer to the silver heart, the richer the resources are. For a civilized planet, does it mean faster development and stronger civilization? The answer may not be the same as many people think.

If we are closer to the silver center, there will be more stars and various celestial bodies. Naturally, resources are very abundant, but they are inexhaustible. But the closer to the silver center, the closer to the supermassive black hole. For the black hole, the overlord of the universe, any celestial body will be afraid. Its gravity is too strong. Once it is pulled into the horizon by its gravity, it will be difficult to escape again, and finally it will be swallowed by the black hole.

Stars can be easily swallowed by supermassive black holes, let alone ordinary planets. Therefore, before the strength of science and technology is really strong, it is not an unfortunate thing to be closer to the center of the galaxy. It is possible that this civilization has not yet developed, and it will be pulled by the gravity of the black hole in the center, and the planet and the whole civilization will fall into the black hole and disappear into the universe.

So it’s a very lucky thing that the solar system can be on the edge of the Milky way, a desolate and remote place. There is no need to worry about being destroyed by supermassive black holes. Although there are few resource stars, they are enough for human development. It’s not long since human beings stepped out of the earth, and they haven’t been able to walk out of the solar system.

The solar system itself is a galaxy rich in resources, and countless asteroids are enough for the future development of space mining. When the resources of the solar system are almost used, human science and technology have made great progress. At that time, we can go out of the solar system and exploit the resources outside the solar system. When the resources near the solar system are almost used up, human beings may have the ability of interstellar navigation, and then we will move towards the center of the galaxy.

In fact, whether it’s human civilization or other alien civilizations in the galaxy, when the strength of civilization develops to enter the interstellar civilization, it will move towards the center of the galaxy. Maybe some people don’t understand why? Others think it’s for resources. Of course, resources are one aspect, because the closer to the center of the galaxy, the more stars, planets and interstellar materials there will be. For an interstellar civilization, the demand for resources is very large. For the progress of civilization, it is essential to move to the galactic center.

Another reason is to explore the mystery of supermassive black holes. I believe that any galactic civilization will have a tremendous interest in the center of the earth, which is just like the human passion for the center of the earth. As long as the strength of science and technology has reached, I believe that human beings will enter the earth’s core for the first time to see what space there is?

The mystery of the galactic center naturally attracts the attention of countless galactic civilizations. Before the scientific and technological strength is reached, we can only make rough observation through the observation equipment. Naturally, we can’t get more detailed and comprehensive data of the silver core. Only when the scientific and technological strength is strong enough to walk into the center of the galaxy and observe and collect data from a short distance, can we really uncover the mystery of the galactic center.

The last reason is for communication. If all the interstellar civilizations in the galaxy want to move to the galactic center, then the center of the galaxy must be an important gathering place of civilizations, where all kinds of Civilizations at the top of the civilization in the galaxy gather. If a civilization wants to achieve faster development, in addition to relying on its own research and exploration, if it can obtain some technology from other powerful civilizations, it will take fewer detours and develop faster, so as to get out of the galaxy.

This shows that the position of the solar system in the Milky way is very good. There are no disputes here. It is a paradise. It will not be easily discovered by the alien civilization, just let the human quietly develop. When human beings enter the interstellar civilization, we will also go out and move towards the center of the galaxy to explore the mystery there. At the same time, we will exchange technology with more powerful interstellar civilizations to realize the faster development of human civilization.

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