Is Kuafu chasing the sun day by day? Scientists put forward “Crazy” idea, maybe UFO!

There are a lot of fairy tales in our country. These fairy tales lead us to see a different world. Although these fairy tales are all made up, scientists have found something unusual in these fairy tales. For example, as we all know, Kuafu chases the sun. Ancient people are still very superstitious about the sun. Someone once proposed a crazy idea that Kuafu is not chasing the sun, but UFO.

In fact, we can think from this point of view that the sun is of great significance to the ancients. They thought that the sun dominated everything in the world. Many people worshipped the sun. In fact, Kuafu was not the only one chasing the sun at that time. Why was only his deeds recorded? This means that Kua Fu’s daily struggle must have been a very important event at that time, otherwise it would not have been handed down from generation to generation.

What is Kuafu chasing?

According to all the information, Kuafu not only chased the sun, but also successfully entered the sun. Many translators now think that Kuafu chased the place where the sun set, but in fact this is not accurate. If we combine all the logic problems together, we can find that Kuafu is not chasing the sun at all, or is a UFO very similar to the sun . At that time, people’s understanding of the universe was very simple, and there was no technological civilization to talk about. Perhaps at that time, a luminous body similar to the sun appeared above the tribe.

Kuafu’s “entering Japan”

This luminescent body not only appeared in front of people, but also hurt people. Therefore, Kuafu chose to chase the luminescent body to protect people, but later, when the flying object stopped somewhere, Kuafu went in, which is called “entering the sun”. Because there is a lot of radiation in this luminescent body, Kuafu began to drink a lot of water after he came back, and his physical condition also changed seriously. Therefore, some people think that Kuafu’s death is actually due to the radiation of his constitution.

After seeing this conclusion, many people feel strange. Maybe Kua Fu’s daily pursuit is not a myth, but a historical record of UFO. Of course, this is just our guess. What Kua Fu saw, what he pursued, and what object has disappeared forever in history. We can only continue to speculate based on the existing data.

In this way, many myths in history are not without a sentence. If we can understand some of the meanings, it will be a great progress for human civilization. If Kuafu pursues a real UFO, it proves that aliens really exist and have already been to earth. What do you want to say when you see this conclusion?

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