Is Lanina basically sure? The winter in 2020 may be colder. Will there be snow and ice disasters?

Will winter be colder in 2020? Near the Pacific Ocean or cooling, La Nina’s sign is very obvious!

In recent days, the most heard word is typhoon. Affected by Bawei, many areas in China have been seriously affected, especially Liaoning and Qingdao. Heavy rain continued to cause serious waterlogging, cars are floating on the road. Do you think that’s all the typhoon has this year? In fact, this year’s rainstorms, floods and typhoons have a lot to do with El Nino.

La Nina and El Nino

The so-called El Nino refers to the water near the equator of the eastern Pacific Ocean. If the temperature is too high, it will produce El Nino for a period of time. On the contrary, if the temperature is 0.5 degrees lower, it will form La Nina. Before the El Nino subsides, scientists show new concerns, because the sea surface temperature near the Pacific Ocean has been on the low side, exceeding 0.5 degrees, lasting for several months. If this state continues, it means that La Nina has been basically determined. If La Nina comes, what serious impact will it bring to our country?

Everyone has seen the power of El Nino. The most obvious feature of our country is that this year’s rainy weather has become more and more, leading to floods in many areas. In winter, it has become extremely warm, and the precipitation has decreased significantly. If La Nina really comes, China’s winter precipitation will increase, which means that this winter will be colder than in previous years. In 2008, China experienced a La Nina phenomenon. The increase of rain, snow and freezing disasters in China is due to the subsequent impact of La Nina. This year’s La Nina is likely to come before winter. Does this mean that this winter will become extremely cold? What serious impact will it bring to our country? Will there also be major snow and ice disasters?

Will La Nina bring cold winter

La Nina is certainly terrible, but this year’s situation is relatively special, and it will not be too cold, because now the whole earth’s environment is global warming, the overall temperature has increased significantly, and the winter is relatively warm. After La Nina’s appearance, the temperature in winter will still be relatively high, but the temperature difference will not be so big, which plays an important role in the warm winter caused by global warming The alleviating effect of lidocaine was observed.

Even in winter, the arrival of La Nina will increase precipitation, so there will be a large area of snowfall in many places. After more snowfall, people will feel colder in winter. Even if there is no cold winter phenomenon, the increase of rainfall will lead to the decrease of temperature.

According to the European Meteorological Agency, La Nina has been basically determined in the second half of this year. The authorities have also entered a state of monitoring and early warning. Prevent the local influence of La Nina. The temperature around the Pacific Ocean is rapidly decreasing, which has sounded an alarm. What do you think of the arrival of La Nina and the cold winter of 2020? Do you prefer cold winter or warm winter?

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