Is man the only creature without natural enemies? We’ve all been cheated. It almost ate up our ancestors!

Is man the only creature without natural enemies? We’ve all been cheated. It almost ate up our ancestors!

Millions of years ago, in ancient times, human beings first stood on the territory of the earth. At that time, human beings were relatively dull, had no intelligent brain, and had no flexible hands. They were able to develop to the present. They evolved step by step and sought new heights in the continuous evolution. Until now, humans are the most advanced of many species, have reached the level of consumers, standing at the top of the food chain.

When it comes to natural enemies of human beings, the first reaction of many people is that they don’t have them. Human beings can resist the invasion of any alien species through the wisdom of their brains. Even giant animals can defeat them. But we don’t know that there is a kind of creature that almost ate up the ancestors of human beings. Who is it? Scientists are still discussing the origin of human beings. What is the role of human beings on earth? Is man the only creature without natural enemies? We’ve all been cheated. It almost ate up our ancestors!

Experts found tooth marks on human ancestors

In 1927, an ecologist analyzed the food chain. Fortunately, human beings have become the top of the food chain. However, these statements are only aimed at the present, in the past on earth, human status is not so high. Human beings have carried out intense research on Australopithecus, and found many strange phenomena on its skeleton. Most of the Australopithecus remains have a biological tooth print. It is understood that this kind of creature is cat phobia, which makes it clear at a glance that cat phobia may be the greatest natural enemy of Australopithecus. From the tooth print of the remains, it can be inferred that cat phobia has amazing tooth bite force, and it has been widely used We can judge its physiological characteristics.

After some research, scientists found that the cat and cat have a high similarity, its body length is about two meters, covered with patterns, from a distance it looks like a leopard. According to its fossil analysis, it lived in Africa or the American continent 5 million years ago. During its long evolution, it has become more and more powerful, avoiding danger by living in groups. According to its fossil analysis, its agility is not so high, but it has extremely keen vision and explosive power. The most admirable is its instinct to find the right time to capture prey accurately.

The reason why cats are afraid of feeding on Australopithecus

Australopithecus is their most infatuated prey. Due to the poor protection of Australopithecus at that time, they had to sit back and wait to die when they were in danger. They were afraid that the cat would almost eat up all Australopithecus. With the change of environment, the cat is going extinct. For this kind of poor running creatures, their lack of food has become a kind of normalization. Coupled with the sudden change of temperature, it is a huge challenge for the cat. Because it did not carry over, it finally disappeared.

In nature, we always follow the rule of survival of the fittest. Australopithecus should continue to evolve and grow a brain full of wisdom. Human beings have survived in this harsh environment. Although cat phobia has strong explosive power and observation ability, its ability to adapt to the environment is extremely poor, and the final outcome is reasonable. In a sense, it is extremely difficult for every species to survive. Besides the fear of cats, do you think humans have natural enemies? You can leave a message for interaction.

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