Is Maya’s prophecy coming true? What does it mean for UAVs to photograph new species in the wild?

The progress of human civilization has never stopped. After thousands of years of development, human life has undergone earth shaking changes. But scientists also give a warning to human behavior, our life is greatly improved, at the same time, the earth’s environment is also facing heavy pressure, with the human plunder of natural resources, the earth’s environment has become worse and worse.

Since the year 2020, I believe everyone has such a feeling that the global climate has been in disorder. This winter is late and the temperature is not as cold as before. This is actually because the global temperature is still rising. The global climate disorder is caused by extreme natural disasters. Many cities and countries have snowflakes in the hot June. These phenomena also warn mankind.

The emergence of new species

In addition to these extreme natural disasters, a change has taken place in nature. Species that have disappeared for decades suddenly appear in front of human eyes. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of scientists. Does the re emergence of these disappeared species mean that the earth’s environment is recovering as before? Some time ago, scientists found a kind of creature in the forest of Yunnan. This creature is a new primate, called Nujiang snub nosed monkey. Generally speaking, it takes a long time for human beings to find these new species. Generally speaking, scientists will choose to place UAVs or cameras in the forest, and they may be able to capture rare species in a certain period of time.

Is the earth’s environment getting better?

In addition to the Nujiang snub nosed monkey, scientists have also found precious wild giant pandas in the forest. In fact, many animals in the whole nature have been extinct, and their extinction, to a large extent, is inseparable from human behavior. Now these re emerging species have returned to the nature, and have not had much impact on the environment. On the contrary, the earth’s ecology is tending to balance. However, scientists still believe that the various behaviors of human beings are not enough to make the earth recover as before, and the sixth mass extinction will begin soon.

In the billions of years of the existence of the earth, there have been many times of extinction. In the prediction of the Maya, extinction is a cycle. At present, the earth has experienced five times of extinction, and according to the current situation, the sixth extinction is likely to be caused by human beings.

At that time, the earth’s environment will reach an irreversible state. At that time, our survival will also face great threats. If we can’t find a second planet, then human civilization may come to an end. Therefore, from now on, we must change our behavior. Protecting the environment is the only way to protect ourselves.

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