Is mirage just an optical phenomenon? “Strange picture” in 1954, there is no prototype on earth!

Is mirage just an optical phenomenon? “Strange picture” in 1954, there is no prototype on earth!

The existence of parallel time and space is a highly controversial topic. With the gradual improvement of scientific and technological civilization, human beings increasingly feel that the universe is not a single, but a Pluralistic Universe. The universe we live in may not be the only one. There is another universe beyond the universe. After this statement was put forward at that time, many experts thought it was nonsense. However, many events in history made people doubt that there was a strange phenomenon in Europe, that is, mirage.

From the point of view of physics, mirage is an optical phenomenon. Until now, scientists have a comprehensive understanding of mirage. It may not be as simple as light refraction. In 1954, there was a mirage event over the Aegean Sea, and thousands of people witnessed it. It’s not a mirage that can be found on the earth every time. Is mirage just an optical phenomenon? “Strange picture” in 1954, there is no prototype on earth!

What is the archetype of Aegean mirage?

However, this mirage event in the Aegean Sea has aroused great concern of scientists. The scene it reflects is too strange. In the blue sky, there are a group of soldiers wearing the same clothes and carrying ancient weapons. They are not like modern people at all. At that time, some people speculated whether there was a crew around filming. After a long time of investigation, no trace was found. Its prototype has not been found so far.

The characters in the mirage are from the Vikings thousands of years ago, which has aroused people’s doubt. Why does the scene disappear for many years reappear? This has completely broken the original human cognition. It is too far fetched to explain it only with optical phenomena. There are many areas detected by human positioning on the earth. There may be another time and space. Ancient people in the sky, who live in another time and space, once again accidentally have no intention to open a tunnel, present such a picture. This explanation is puzzling.

With the passage of time, human cognition of the universe has changed significantly, and parallel space-time is no longer a secret. Some scientists infer that if we find wormholes in the universe, we can cross into another space-time. The implication of this sentence is that there may be another universe beyond the universe. Human beings have limited ability to find the channel of another universe, so it is impossible to prove the existence of parallel universe up to now.

Mirage may not be an optical phenomenon

With the current level of technology, it’s a long way to go to uncover these secrets. Mirage is originally a kind of supernatural phenomenon. The picture that once appeared in the Aegean sea always stays in the long river of history. Because of that event, scientists have been exploring it in depth, eager to find the reasons behind it. Maybe it is really parallel time and space, which has always existed in human life. Do you think the Aegean mirage was a simple optical phenomenon or something else? You can leave a message for interaction.

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