Is “Ningen” discovered in Antarctica, 30 meters tall, a humanoid made in Japan?

As the last ownerless land on earth, Antarctica is always shrouded in mystery. Ningen, the mysterious species of Antarctica, was first reported in the news in 2002. Now more than ten years have passed, and he has not been forgotten by human beings. Ningen is tall and 30 meters tall. Although the United States has admitted its existence this year, there are no clear videos and witnesses who have actually seen him. Does Ningen exist?


What is it?

Since Ningen was reported in 2002, most of the photos we can search are fuzzy, which is also a controversial discussion point. Because there are so few witnesses, its existence is still an unsolved mystery. When this picture first came out, some people thought he was a human in a polar bear coat. But after comparing the data of scientists, it was found that the humanoid in the photo was at least 30 meters high, so it could not be human, it could only be other species. From that time on, some people suspected that he was a secret creature made by Japanese scientists and put into the Antarctic. In 2007, an article was published in an American magazine, which mentioned the unidentified organisms in Antarctica, but the identity of the unidentified organisms has not yet been determined.


Is it a threat to humanity?

Many people should have seen this picture. The shape of the Antarctic unidentified creature is very similar to that of human beings. It has two legs and can walk upright. Each hand has five fingers and is covered in snow white. Some people think that there is some mysterious creature in Antarctica. It can survive in Antarctica with extremely low temperature, which indicates that it has adapted to the climate of Antarctica. If it leaves Antarctica rashly, its ability to adapt to the environment will be greatly reduced, so it is not a great threat to human beings.


Is it an artificial creature?

Some people think that Ningen in Antarctica is actually a man-made creature, which was secretly made by Japanese scientists. Of course, this is also our guess. At present, there is no substantial evidence. If this unidentified creature is really made in Japan, Japan has made so many explorations to the Antarctic that it is impossible to find any trace under the high-tech equipment of human beings. So the possibility of the existence of those unknown creatures is still very low, most people think that this is just a human invention.

In fact, in addition to Antarctica, there have been unidentified organisms in many parts of the world, but most of the images left behind are very vague, and the witnesses have not really seen their faces. Therefore, the existence of unidentified organisms is still an unsolved mystery in the scientific community.

It can be admitted that human beings are still the overlord of the earth, and there are still controversies about these unidentified creatures. Maybe we will be able to uncover their secrets in the future. What do you think?

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