Is Octopus squid a four-dimensional creature? Beyond human time and space? Netizen: four dimensional biology is really fragrant!

As the most advanced animal in the world, human beings have been living in three-dimensional space. In a specific environment, people can perceive the height of a space and clearly see the cube. In fact, in addition to three-dimensional space, there is also a four-dimensional space environment. In their exploration and research, scientists found that octopus and squid are four-dimensional creatures. Their eyes have a special crystal. What they see is invisible to human beings.

What is the difference between four-dimensional space and three-dimensional space? What is four dimensional space?

In some people’s eyes, four-dimensional space is also a dimension, and this dimension is based on three-dimensional space. In order to prove the reliability of this theory, experts have made continuous experiments and found that the four-dimensional space is actually a folded space. After folding the three-dimensional space, it is a four-dimensional space. For four-dimensional creatures, the four-dimensional space exists independently. In addition to the up and down, left and right, front and back that we often say, there is also a space perpendicular to them. Simply put it in the right direction In other words, we can think of this kind of four-dimensional space as a combination of countless three-dimensional spaces, belonging to a particularly large cube space.

Octopus and squid may be four-dimensional creatures, and they may travel through time and space

Since experts predict that four-dimensional space exists, will there also be four-dimensional space creatures? The answer is yes. Although octopus and squid have been living in the deep sea, we can often see them on the table in real life. In terms of appearance, people think that this kind of mollusk is a low-level creature. However, they don’t know that octopus has nine heads and three hearts. They are truly four-dimensional creatures. In order to confirm this statement, relevant scientists have done experiments here. After placing the octopus in a transparent glass cup and sealing it, it’s unexpected that the octopus can open the lid of the cup by itself. From this, we can see that Zhang’s life is very beautiful Fish are not low-level microorganisms. They also have intelligence quotient. In further research, scientists found that octopus has many genes, especially their eyes, which have a very special crystal. They can see things invisible to human beings. If we only have up, down, left and right vision, then squid and octopus can extend their vision to another direction, which is perpendicular to the whole length, width and height. Scientists also sigh that octopus’s vision is more advanced than human’s.

Since octopus and squid are all four-dimensional creatures, why do they say they can travel through time and space? In fact, these mollusks are also known as “magicians in the animal world”. Although their intelligence level is relatively low, they are free microorganisms that travel through the three-dimensional world and four-dimensional space. No matter what objects we use to seal these mollusks, they have four-dimensional consciousness in the three-dimensional space, and they will try their best to escape from this closed environment and protect them It’s no use trying to block them in three-dimensional space, which means that these mollusks can travel freely in the time axis.

What is a four-dimensional creature, netizen: this kind of four-dimensional creature is really fragrant

What is a four-dimensional creature? In fact, four-dimensional creatures are just like the descriptions of aliens in some science fiction films. Some folded spaces are free to walk through, and their abilities are even beyond our imagination. In fact, the creatures reflected in the film and television works are some expressive abilities of four-dimensional creatures. They are very powerful creatures, such as octopus and squid, which can both support and feel Affected by three-dimensional space, but also can operate through four-dimensional space, free shuttle in time and space. It can be said that the three-dimensional world we live in now is only a miniature of the four-dimensional world.

In fact, the relationship between human beings and four-dimensional organisms is just like the relationship between human beings and two-dimensional organisms ants. As a three-dimensional space, human beings can control the lives of ants. If squid and octopus have high IQ, then four-dimensional organisms may have the right to control human life. Many netizens sigh that these four-dimensional organisms are really fragrant, but their IQ is in a low state.

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