Is Peng Jiamu’s disappearance related to the double dragon jade pendant? It’s said that Shuanglong jade pendant took him through. Is it true

What is the mysterious thing that made the once prosperous Loulan ancient country become ruins overnight? What happened and what strange events? Let’s have a look.

In 1900, when the archaeologist heding was on his second trip to the Taklimakan Desert, he found that the road was windy and large areas of yellow sand were blown up. After the sandstorm passed, it was the ruins of this mysterious ancient country that emerged in front of his eyes.

There are many different opinions about why it disappeared overnight. Some people think that in the war in the western regions, the soldiers and horses of various countries crossed the area and raised dust, slowly covering the ancient country. Some people think that because of this desert area, the traditional burial method can not be realized, so logs are cut down and nailed into the sand to fix the tombs. The disappearance of trees means that nothing can fix the sand, so dust storms become more frequent, and the ancient country is a little bit buried.

Of course, these are just conjectures. The reasons behind them must be much more complicated than we think. There are also many rare treasures circulating on the Internet near Lop Nor in Loulan. Among them, the jade pendant of Pisces is the most famous. There are many versions of the legend of this jade pendant on the Internet.

Legend 1 of Pisces jade pendant

It is said that Peng Jiamu accidentally got a Pisces jade pendant when he was investigating Lop Nor. After touching the Pisces jade pendant, it also triggers the mechanism, and then something strange happens. Pisces jade pendant perfectly reproduced a fish raised by Pengjiamu at that time. When one of them died, the other died seven hours later. Then it was said that Pengjiamu did not disappear, but two Pengjiamu appeared. It was so strange that insiders could only declare Pengjiamu missing.

Legend 2 of Pisces jade pendant

At that time, the exploration team was short of materials and could not last for a few days. Peng Jiamu left the team for the reason of looking for water. In fact, he used the Pisces jade pendant to cross. It is said that Lop Nur in Xinjiang is the intersection of parallel universes, and the Pisces jade pendant is like a key to open the parallel space. Therefore, Peng Jiamu went through the Han Dynasty and became Wang Mang, a reformer of the Western Han Dynasty, so people couldn’t find him.

Wang Mang was the founding emperor of the “new dynasty” in Chinese history. He began his official career in his 20s, and later forced Liu Yingchan, the great grandson of Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty, to give himself the throne. The reason why Wang Mang was regarded by later generations as a modern man who went back is that many of the reform measures after he usurped the Han Dynasty had a modern color. Wang Mang’s reform of land system, economic system and slavery, as well as many of his modern inventions, such as vernier caliper, are not the products of that era.

Lop Nor is a “devil’s triangle” on the Asian continent, which has many unsolved mysteries. Due to the shallower climate and the influence of human water conservancy projects, Lop Nur dried up in the 1970s, the surrounding ecological environment changed greatly, and the herbaceous plants withered one after another. At present, there are only large salt shells left, which has become one of the famous “no man’s land” in China.

In addition to the high ticket price, Loulan ancient country only allows relevant scientific researchers to enter. This is mainly because in the last century, some scientists built a nuclear base near Loulan, so the amount of nuclear radiation is very large, causing great harm to human body. Therefore, if ordinary people enter, their lives are likely to be in danger.

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