Is prehistoric civilization exposed, evolutionism or overthrown? Human beings may have entered the cycle of time

What is the time? The concept of time is sunrise and sunset, or wedding anniversary. When human beings give time to things, then time has the meaning of existence. In daily life, time is a straight line, and human beings will always move along it.

But in the field of physics, time does not exist in quantum space, even time can be said to be a continuous cycle process. In prehistoric civilization, periodic cycle was proposed. If periodic cycle exists, Darwin’s theory of evolution will be completely overthrown.

As we all know, according to the theory of evolution, human beings only have a history of more than 3 million years. If hominids evolved into Homo sapiens, the history of human beings is only 250000 years. However, the earth has been running for 4.6 billion years. In 4 billion years, is human really the only intelligent creature?

In Istanbul, Turkey, there is an ancient map found in the early 18th century. It looks like a replica. Only the Mediterranean area is described on the map, and other places are seriously deformed. No one noticed it at first, and no one noticed it later.

This ancient map did not attract people’s attention until Apollo went into space and took pictures of the earth from space, because the pictures sent back by Apollo were very similar to this map. At first, people thought it was a coincidence. After all, who could grasp the space photography technology in the 18th century or beyond?

In 1952, the Antarctic exploration team detected it under the Antarctic ice with echo sounder. Unexpectedly, the map drawn by the exploration team overlapped with the ancient map again, which made people begin to doubt whether the ancient civilization really existed. Now, human beings are not primitive human beings. The search for prehistoric civilization has become a common task of Archaeology and physics.

In 1968, American paleontologists discovered several trilobite fossils in Antelope spring, Utah. They preliminarily concluded that they belonged to 270 million years ago. When archaeologists knocked on a fossil 250 million years ago, they found a pair of footprints on a trilobite fossil.

Man appeared more than 3 million years ago, while apes only have a history of 65 million years. 250 million years ago, they belonged to the Paleozoic era, mainly reptiles, while trilobites went extinct in this era. But why did man appear 200 million years ago?

In 1961, three partners of California gem shop found a fossil on a mountain 4300 feet above sea level, which contained something more like a car spark plug. According to geologists’ estimation, this fossil was formed at least 500000 years ago, but another fossil appeared 500000 years ago.

There are still many “prehistoric civilizations” like this. Do other civilizations really exist before human beings? Modern people have indeed found many catastrophes in geology. Some paleontologists speculate that there are five catastrophes based on the extinction of organisms.

Among the five mass extinctions, I’m afraid the ancient civilization has disappeared, and each mass extinction will take hundreds of millions of years to recover, and the remains are too difficult to preserve, so that the emergence of some ancient civilizations is puzzling. Now it’s certain that scientists accurately measured with C14 isotope that a certain high civilization had appeared 3-40000 years ago.

As for why they became extinct, there are many explanations. Floods, earthquakes and wars are described in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata: Gurkha, riding the fast vermana, launched a rocket at the enemy’s three cities. This rocket seems to have the power of the whole universe. Its light is like ten thousand suns, and the fireworks are rolling up.

In the view of modern human beings, rocket may be an atomic bomb, while the last civilization may have been the misuse of atomic energy and eventually towards destruction.

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