Is reincarnation true or false? American man claimed to have 16 times, also when the Egyptian Pharaoh!

Is reincarnation true or false? American man claimed to have 16 times, also when the Egyptian Pharaoh!

On reincarnation, most people think it is a feudal superstition, after all, it has violated the laws of nature. From the moment of birth, people mean the beginning of life, going through childhood, youth, middle age and old age, and finally moving towards death. This is an eternal law. Reincarnation is just an exaggerated function word. No one has really experienced it. Although many people claim that they are reincarnated, there is not enough scientific basis.

American men’s experience after hypnosis

There was a strange case in history. Another American man claimed to have the memory of the 16th generation. His name was Alan Lee. According to his description, he experienced two reincarnations. Starting from the ancient Pharaonic era, there is a book that records many cases of reincarnation, among which one case of reincarnation 16 times shocked the world. The protagonist is Alan Lee of Philadelphia. He dropped out of school when he was young. He didn’t like to study and started selling cars. Is reincarnation true or false? American man claimed to have 16 times, also when the Egyptian Pharaoh!

Since he heard the story of the reincarnation, he has many doubts. What’s puzzling is that he likes to play the role of the Egyptian pharaoh at home and imagine himself to be a Pharaoh. Even he doesn’t know why. Later, maudes hypnotized him and told his amazing secret. He told 16 reincarnation stories, both strong and weak, and claimed that he was the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Even his tone of voice seemed to have changed.

He as like as two peas, but he can not speak of the pictograph of ancient Egypt. It is just like the real thing. If it is an ordinary man, it can not be like a state like him. He had more exaggerated experiences than the Pharaons. Under hypnosis, he claimed that his first generation was an alien. At that time, he was forced to come to the earth for the purpose of stealing the sun, which sounds like nonsense. There are many books about the experience of reincarnation. The most unacceptable one is the American man. There is no reason to overturn it.

Does reincarnation really exist?

However, what he said is out of line. The span is too large and many factors are integrated together. It is likely to be a kind of hype. Even experts have strongly questioned it, which makes people laugh and cry. He claims to be an alien. That’s bullshit. Some psychologists even think that he is a liar, but he doesn’t mean to cheat everyone. It may be related to his subconsciousness. After all, all this is said under his hypnosis.

He felt that there was reincarnation in the world, so he made up so many scenes that even his memory was cheated by him. Science pays attention to the basis. Reincarnation has troubled scientists for many years, although it has not denied its existence, nor has it been determined. This American man who hypnotizes and tells us his reincarnation experience subverts human cognition, and at the same time makes human beings have more doubts about reincarnation. Do you think reincarnation really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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