Is resurrection from the dead really there? American scientists created “zombie dog”, wake up can be revived

Since ancient times, human beings have been looking for ways to live forever. Unfortunately, there is no breakthrough so far. In the eyes of most people, birth, aging, illness and death is something everyone must experience. This is the normal state of human beings, and no one can change it.

But in the eyes of some scientists, they don’t think so. They even believe that the power of science can bring people back from the dead. Let’s go down with Xiaobian and see how scientists work for it!

Zombie dog experiment

In 2005, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh invented a method to make zombie dogs, which can make dogs present a clinical death state. In this state, only a very small amount of energy is needed to maintain the dog’s life. When the dog is awakened, it will immediately be full of blood resurrection, jump up and down, and for memory, nerve, function will not be affected.

The specific method is as follows:

First, open a hole in the dog’s main blood vessel, and then stick an extracorporeal circulation device. In the circulator, use 7 ~ 10 ℃ cold saline instead of blood, and quickly inject it into the dog’s body. At the same time, ensure that there is an appropriate amount of oxygen and glucose in the cold saline. In this way, the dog’s heart and brain will suddenly stop, in clinical practice, the dog has died.

But keep the cardiopulmonary bypass of this kind of cold saline. When it is necessary to wake up the dog, inject warm blood again. When all the saline is discharged, the dog will revive immediately.

Of course, this technology is not 100% successful. In the experiment, a small number of dogs experienced permanent brain damage after resurrection.

By 2006, scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States announced that they had produced 200 zombie pigs in this way, with a success rate of 90%, and the longest death time was 25 hours. They even used this time of death to do some organ repair operations for pigs that were difficult to complete in vivo.

According to some information, since 2007, the Massachusetts General Hospital has proposed to the US Food and drug administration every year to carry out experiments like zombie dogs and zombie pigs on people, but they have been rejected. Maybe no one is willing to accept this kind of unreasonable way emotionally!

Xiao Bian believes that birth, aging, illness and death are the laws of nature, especially for animals and people. Moreover, according to our current level of science and technology, it is impossible to realize the real sense of death and rebirth, unless the body is in a state of suspended animation and there is the possibility of “Resurrection”.

What do you think of zombie dog’s resurrection? Welcome to comment area.

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