Is Russia’s spectacle, which can’t be explained by science, a prank of aliens?

In our cognition, all plants should grow upward to get more energy and sunlight. Moreover, under the influence of gravity, the unidirectional response of plants to unidirectional external stimulation is called “tropism”.

However, in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave, there is a mysterious sandbank called kurs Sha Tsui. There have been some strange events that are difficult to explain by science, and the dancing forest is one of them.

The dancing forest is a magical landscape in this long and narrow ancient area. The roots and branches here seem to be twisted by some force. They are all crooked. Each branch looks very strange, just like dancing. People will think that it may be influenced by alien creatures. What’s the matter? Look down with Xiaobian.

According to the memories of local residents, there was a fire here. After the fire, the forest here changed obviously, and the whole forest twisted in different directions. Therefore, some people said that it might be due to the strong wind. Others say it could be a prank by aliens.

Some local people found that these trees make strange sounds and often change their positions. The most shocking legend is that there are some strange incidents of missing people and animals here occasionally. People who come here to travel will be urged to leave by the tour guide. Don’t stay alone. And to put it bluntly, when there’s fog in the woods, it’s like a supernatural scene in a movie.

A traveler once recalled that when he entered the forest for the first time, he felt a bit strange. Although the trees were still hanging green branches and leaves, he could not feel much vitality. The grass was withered and green. There was no straight tree in the forest. The crooked tree poles looked from a distance like a tree dancing, more like an illusion. And many roots have been rolled into a ball, and the roots of a few trees simply twisted into a tree circle.

Although experts are still making unremitting research on this mysterious area, they still can’t explain why the only tree grows like this in this forest. This phenomenon, which can not be explained by science, can always arouse people’s infinite reverie. Therefore, in the past few years, some people think that it is caused by aliens.

Xiaobian believes that the mystery will be revealed with the passage of time and the efforts of scientists. What’s your opinion? Welcome to comment area.

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