Is slim a fictional creature? Scientists found prototype, although no brain, but has wisdom!

Is slim a fictional creature? Scientists found prototype, although no brain, but has wisdom!

Since entering the era of science and technology, all walks of life have made great progress. In our spare time, we all watch movies, science fiction and so on. I don’t know if you have found that there is a monster mentioned in these science fiction novels, which is quite different from ordinary monsters. It is called slim. According to the book’s records, its appearance is not frightening. It belongs to a virtual creature. Its body is translucent and looks like jelly from a distance. It has a strong stickiness.

What kind of creature is slim?

The film describes the shrem can be arbitrarily split and deformed, but also adsorbed on the wall and ceiling, with a strong suction, it attacks with a soft body. Although shrem in novels and movies is a fictional creature, scientists have found a prototype in real life. From a biological point of view, slime is known as myxomycetes, which belongs to a kind of fungi. Is slim a fictional creature? Scientists found prototype, although no brain, but has wisdom!

It is a kind of eukaryote, in the growth stage in two forms, one is the naked protoplast without cell wall, this is it is in the deformation stage, whether the movement or feeding way, have a lot of similarities with the protozoa, the most difficult thing is that it does not have the brain nervous system, but has a collective consciousness, when it is in food shortage, it will deliberately It seems that the structure is simple on the surface, but in fact, in a short time, it can come up with the best plan to find food in a very short time.

The difference between slime and human beings

Although it has no brain, what it can do is smarter than human beings. It seems to be satirizing human beings. When it comes to the reproductive stage, it will change its face and reappear in front of human beings. There is another name for this stage, the fruiting body stage, which gradually grows into a mushroom type and begins sexual reproduction. Scientists are more entangled is that it belongs to a four unlike creatures, can not be accurately classified, even if in-depth research, also can not thoroughly understand it, can only be classified as protozoa. In real life, we rarely see it.

In a scientific sense, it is a kind of mindless protozoa, but when it is looking for food, its response is dozens of times smarter than that of human beings. This is its unique way. Human beings are far behind, and its collective consciousness is amazing. Many people are often confused by its surface. The route of its activities is more complex than the route planned by human beings, but it can pass smoothly. This kind of ability is quite strong, and its reproductive ability is one of the best.

These characteristics make it the focus of scientists. I thought that shrem only exists in science fiction, but I didn’t expect to meet its prototype creatures in my life. It’s a long experience. Nature is very magical. In the unknown field of human beings, there are also diverse creatures, which need human beings to continue to explore. What kind of cognition do you have about shrem? You can leave a message for interaction.

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