Is Tesla not a human? U.S. FBI public documents, Tesla or from Venus?

For hundreds of years, thanks to the dedication of scientists, we can open a new era of understanding the universe. Scientists are the guides for us to understand science into the universe. Among many scientists, there are many pioneering scientists such as Einstein and Newton, as well as controversial scientists such as Tesla.

Tesla’s achievements

I believe everyone is familiar with the name of Nicolas Tesla. He has created thousands of inventions in his life, and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize 11 times. Even after his death, his name is often mentioned by human beings. At that time, many of Tesla’s theories and achievements were out of tune with the times. Some even thought that it was not an earthman, but an alien from Venus. This statement seems crazy to us, but it also confirms Tesla’s outstanding achievements and scientific status. In fact, this statement is not groundless. Tesla has the vision and wisdom that ordinary people can’t catch up with. He not only created amazing technology, but also left many predictions. He once predicted that radio and intelligent devices would appear in the future, which would make human communication more convenient. Now we find that many of Tesla’s remarks have been confirmed.

After Tesla’s death, the FBI of the United States has entered his former residence many times. We all know that confidential documents in the United States are subject to a permanent confidentiality period. If the confidentiality period has expired, all documents will be made public. In recent years, the FBI of the United States has published the document of Nicolas Tesla. At the beginning, the document did not attract people’s attention. However, when people saw one of the records, people were shocked by Tesla’s life experience.

Is Tesla Venusian?

It turns out that Tesla is not from earth, but from Venus. In 1856, the Venusians brought Tesla to earth and gave it to a couple. Some people think that although this statement is crazy, it is true. After all, if Venusians really exist, their wisdom and civilization are beyond our human being’s reach. This can also explain why Tesla can create technology and prophecy beyond the times.

Today’s Venus environment is very bad, often more than 400 degrees high temperature shrouded, there is no way to give birth to life. But according to the latest data, phosphine has appeared on Venus, which means that even if the environment is so bad, there are still signs of life. Perhaps in the distant past, Venus is not the current geographical environment, but a vibrant planet.

Of course, we have no way to prove that what is said in the literature is true. Tesla has disappeared on the earth forever, and his life experience has become an unsolved mystery. If he is really an alien from Venus, it means that the earth has been exposed. Is it good or bad for human beings? What do you think?

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