Is the Apollo program fake? We can get the answer by comparing the composition of lunar soil in China and the United States

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After decades of long waiting, now chang’e-5 has lived up to people’s expectations and finally completed a major task. Many netizens are filled with emotion. Today, China’s aerospace industry has made great achievements, which is inseparable from the staff’s efforts day and night. At present, the mission of chang’e-5 to the moon is of great significance, which is not inferior to the original Apollo program of the United States. It can promote the development of China’s space science and technology. However, it’s all about exploring the moon. Many netizens have begun to question the previous Apollo moon landing program of the United States. Although it has been more than 40 years since Apollo landed on the moon, there have always been doubts about this “shocking deception.”,

Is Apollo’s landing on the moon a big lie for NASA?

More than 50 years ago, the Apollo program of the United States was completed ahead of schedule and published in the glorious annals of history

Landing on the moon is the dream of human beings. As early as the 1960s and 1970s, the Apollo program of the United States began to be implemented, which is the only way for human beings in the world to reach the stars beyond the earth by their own strength. The Apollo program of the United States is also recorded in the glorious annals of history.

During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, the United States began to implement the “Apollo program”. Then US President Kennedy promised the world that he would send human beings to the moon in the 1960s. At that time, many netizens said that this speech was a provocation to the Soviet Union, and the United States wanted to seize the opportunity.

In any case, to launch the Apollo moon landing program in the mid-1960s, the whole project cost was huge, which other countries could not imagine.

If you want to complete the lunar landing program, the whole “Apollo” project design and R & D process is the “key play”. How to solve the life problems of astronauts, how to ensure the safety of astronauts, and how to separate the lunar module from the spacecraft? A lot of details are slightly wrong, which will lead to the failure of the whole Apollo program. American space scientists dare not slack off. After 11 years of painstaking efforts, they designed the entire Apollo program, which cost more than 25 billion US dollars. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20000 enterprises and more than 80 scientific research institutions participating in the construction peak of Apollo project, and the total number is more than 300000. It can be said that the Apollo moon program is the largest and most expensive scientific research project so far.

The picture is taken by the United States on the moon

Why do people question Apollo’s landing on the moon? What’s the problem?

In the 1990s, Mexico’s science and technology magazine published an article about “the biggest forgery of this century”, which questioned the moon landing photos taken by the United States more than 30 years ago. The author believes that these so-called moon landing photos and films are forged, which seems to further confirm the Deception Theory of Apollo project. For example, during the implementation of the Apollo program, two astronauts stayed on the surface of the moon for more than two hours, and the TV broadcast was broadcast live all over the world. At that time, no one doubted that these pictures were not from the surface of the moon. Later, many people began to question: “is it true for us Apollo program to land on the moon for the first time? Is this an appalling hoax or conspiracy? “

1. The American flag is placed on the surface of the moon and floats in the wind

At that time, American astronauts planted the American flag on the moon. This great sacred moment made the whole world excited and excited. Now, with the development of science and technology, many netizens have questioned this

There is no wind at all on the moon. It is a high vacuum. How can the American flag float? And how did it fall in the end?

”In response to this query, academician Ouyang Ziyuan, the father of Chang’e in China, explained: unlike the earth, the moon does not have air resistance. When astronauts insert the flag on the surface of the moon, it is also because the center of gravity is unstable that the flag shakes. When Apollo leaves the earth, there will be a huge whirlpool, because of inertia and gravity, and finally the flag will fall.

The picture is taken by the United States on the moon

2. The astronauts landing on the surface of the moon have two double shadows

Careful netizens have a second question in the Apollo program video: why do astronauts have two shadows? The moon has only one light source, that is, the sun? Is it disguised in the studio? You should know that many lunar landers and explorers are made of metal materials. These metal materials are like a smooth mirror, which can reflect sunlight from different angles and cause double images. The astronauts landing on the surface of the moon are different in height, so the reflected ghost is uneven, because the surface of the moon is like a big pit. After the refraction of metal, the shadow will become shorter.

The picture is taken by the United States on the moon

Astronauts have to cross the Van Allen radiation belt if they want to land on the moon successfully

If the design and scientific research of Apollo project is the most important thing, then crossing the Van Allen radiation belt is the core. For example, if a train wants to go from the departure station to the terminal station, it must cross the river, otherwise it can’t reach the destination. Therefore, it is necessary to build a viaduct to complete this major task. In the same way, even if the Apollo program is perfectly designed, it needs to cross the Allen radiation belt to reach the moon, which is a huge challenge for astronauts, even impossible to complete.

So what is the impact of this radiation? The Van Allen radiation belt is a tyre shaped radiation layer formed by a large number of charged particles surrounding the earth in the near space near the earth. The whole radiation belt is controlled by the earth’s magnetic field and always stays in the same position. It is also a miracle that Apollo spacecraft can send living people out of this radiation belt, which is why many people question this.

In order to enable astronauts to successfully cross the Van Allen radiation zone, NASA researchers have coated the inside and outside of the spacecraft with aluminum, which can well resist radiation and reduce the radiation intensity. In addition, the spacesuits worn by astronauts who land on the moon can also resist radiation. If they cross the radiation zone in a short time, they will only be slightly affected by radiation, but the impact is not great.

The picture shows the Van Allen radiation belt


Why are the footprints of astronauts landing on the moon so clear?

At the same time, netizens also raised other questions: “why the footprints of the astronauts who landed on the moon were so clear? The moon does not have water resources like the earth. The footprints of the astronauts seem to be stepping on the soil after the rain, which is very clear. Is this a forgery?” In fact, the problem is very simple. We need to know that the lunar surface is basically made of powdered minerals. Due to the influence of friction, the heavier a person is, the clearer the footprints will be when he steps down. Basically, the mineral powder is easy to adhere to the shoes. That’s why the footprints of astronauts were clear at that time.

The picture shows the footprints of aldrin

A close-up of chang’e-5’s “big footprints” confirms that the footprints of American astronauts were clear and true

Now chang’e-5 is landing on the moon again with a special mission. After choosing the landing area, chang’e-5 has landed steadily. At the same time, chang’e-5 has taken high-resolution photos of the surrounding environment and made a close-up of its “big foot board”. This close-up photo has also caused an uproar on the Internet. In this close-up picture, it seems that chang’e-5 has made a deep hole in the lunar surface. Under the huge impact force, chang’e-5’s “big footprints” are very clear on the lunar surface. This does not coincide with the clear footprints left by Apollo astronauts on the moon. There is no air on the moon. In a vacuum state, there is no air on the moon, The surface of the moon is full of powder minerals, and the previous footprints left by Apollo astronauts on the moon have been questioned, and the statement of fraud will be completely overturned.

The United States presented 1 gram of soil composition to China, which firmly confirmed that the Apollo moon landing event was true

If none of the above statements fully convinced you, then the next U.S. gift of only 1 gram of lunar soil to China will completely reveal the truth for you. If all things can be fake, then only 1 gram of lunar soil can’t be fake. At the time of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the United States gave China one gram of the only lunar soil, which means that the relations between the two countries will become closer and friendly in the future. Among the only one gram of lunar soil, Chinese scientists have carried out in-depth analysis, and there are more than ten papers related to light. There is no air on the surface of the moon, and all of them are in a vacuum. After the impact of meteorites, the temperature difference on the surface of the moon leads to the thermal expansion and cold contraction of rocks. There are great differences between the lunar soil and the earth’s soil in particle state and particle specific gravity . The United States can’t fake the lunar soil, because the only one in the world who has samples of lunar rocks is the Soviet Union. So in the case of mutual confirmation, it shows that the lunar soil in the United States is real.

Even if the previous Apollo moon landing program of the United States is true, why hasn’t the United States ever landed on the moon again?

After confirming that the Apollo moon landing program of the United States is a fact, some netizens can’t help asking, “why didn’t the United States implement the moon landing program in the next few decades? What are you worried about?

If you want to complete the mission to the moon, it will not only take time and effort, but also cost more. With the limited development of science and technology, the United States can no longer invest such a large amount of money to complete the moon landing program. At the beginning, the cost of the Apollo moon landing program accounted for 4.31% of the total federal budget of the United States. It is very difficult for the United States to reproduce such a huge cost. Moreover, the exploration and development of the moon needs the support of advanced technology. Without leading scientific research technology, everything is empty talk. Today, without the strong competitor of the Soviet Union, the United States does not have to worry about which country will surpass its own space technology. After all, the United States is the only country in the world to land on the moon artificially.

The statement that the Apollo program was a hoax will also come to nothing. After all, it is a foregone conclusion that the United States has completed the great mission of landing on the moon before. Although there are many doubts, it is confirmed that the Apollo program is not a hoax through scientific explanation. For us humans, we need to continue to explore space and surpass the United States. Now chang’e-5 has become the pride of our people, and China’s space technology has entered a new era in the exploration of space!

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