Is the birth of mankind not accidental? When scientists study DNA, they find the Creator!

Human beings are the masters of this planet. They enjoy and own everything on this planet and wantonly destroy the environment of this planet. It turns out that our thoughts and behaviors are very wrong. The reason why the earth can constantly breed life is that these lives depend on the earth’s environment for survival, rather than the emergence of human beings, which makes the earth different and interdependent. How on earth did human beings appear?

It is generally believed that human beings evolved from the ancient ape man on the earth for a long time. Many people should answer the question of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Human beings evolved from the ape man, but in the end, Darwin’s theory of evolution is only a hypothesis, and there is no scientific basis to prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct. Until we find a more reasonable explanation, it still exists It’s the basis of our research on the origin of human species.

Even in his later years, Darwin admitted that there was a lot of doubt about the theory of evolution, and many scientists thought that Darwin’s theory of evolution was the biggest lie of the 20th century. Maybe the origin of human life was due to the participation of aliens.

But some scholars believe that we humans are carefully designed by aliens. Just as human beings are trying to design AI to replace more artificial means, perhaps human beings have experienced this “manufacturing” process before they were “born”.

The so-called scientists have also provided evidence to support their views. In the study of human DNA, they found that a DNA fragment looks very special. After analyzing the artificial intelligence model, they think that this fragment may have been artificially modified. Look at the biological changes in the biological history. In the 4.6 billion years of the earth, human beings only existed for tens of thousands of years. Before the birth of human beings, what happened to the earth? And we don’t know.

Even the nearest dinosaurs are 65 million years old. How did they come into being? It’s an unsolved mystery why it disappeared. Scientific researchers believe that the emergence of these lives is too coincidental, perhaps there is a creator in the universe, just like the creator in the movie Prometheus.

After the formation of the human body, they implanted DNA sequences, possessed our present human beings, and then evolved the ability of sexual reproduction. There are more and more life on earth. Of course, this is only a bold guess of scientists. After all, Darwin’s theory of evolution can not explain all phenomena. Isn’t it only in the process of continuous progress and development of human science after scientists repeatedly put forward theories, constantly overthrow theories and constantly advance?

Until now, the origin of human life is still a mystery. Perhaps before the birth of human beings, there were various civilizations on the earth. How do you think the origin of life began? Is human really designed by the creator? What do you think of it? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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