Is the content of the dream true or false? Scientists put forward three guesses, which one do you agree with?

Is the content of the dream true or false? Scientists put forward three guesses, which one do you agree with?

One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Maybe many people think that sleep is a waste of time. If they don’t get enough sleep, they will have no spirit the next day. Sleep has become a must every day. In sleep, you often dream. The content of dreams is often related to the experience in reality. You can feel personally and even see the person you miss so much. What’s strange is that, usually on the second day, the memory in the dream seems to be deliberately erased, and it’s not clear at all.

What is a dream?

Many scientists believe that dreams are controlled by the subconscious of the brain. When a person dreams soberly, the brain can control people’s behaviors, thoughts and emotions. In the sleep, many behaviors in the dream are difficult to control. Some people think that as long as human beings have the ability to control the subconscious, they can change the content of the dream at will. It’s not so easy to control consciousness. At present, people’s understanding of the brain is just skin deep, let alone control consciousness. Is the content of the dream true or false? Scientists put forward three guesses, which one do you agree with?

The main reason why dreams attract people is that they have never experienced something, such as a person or an event, which is labeled with mysterious color. I don’t know if you have a feeling that when you meet someone or come to a certain place, you will have a feeling of deja vu. To be sure, you haven’t come before. Why do you have this feeling? A lot of people think that it’s a dream, but they can’t remember it clearly. It seems that this kind of dream can predict our future. So is the content of the dream true or false? Scientists give three versions.

Scientists have done three kinds of analysis of dreams

The human brain is equivalent to a database, storing a lot of content, especially important memories. Most of these memories belong to deep memory, which is kept deep in the brain. If it doesn’t matter, it’s buried in shallow memory. Sometimes, when a person who has not seen him for a long time suddenly sees him, he will have a kind of cordial feeling. When he has not seen him for a period of time, it is difficult to remember his appearance clearly, but he can repeat these contents in his dream.

The second explanation is that the world people live in is virtual, there is no so-called reality, and everything they feel is just the projection of the computer. If there is a basis for this explanation, isn’t it true that human beings have been living in the virtual world and can’t even distinguish the true from the false? This idea is somewhat elusive. The last explanation is related to the parallel world. Many people do not believe in the existence of parallel world. Many strange phenomena make people have to believe it. Some people think that when people dream, the consciousness of the brain will be connected with another self in the parallel world, and the scene we dream of actually occurs in another parallel world.

So far, human beings have not found any clues about the parallel world, nor can they give an exact answer. The three guesses given by scientists are not unreasonable, but the science is very rigorous. If there is no real basis, we can not give an exact answer. Dreams are both magical and mysterious. What’s your understanding of dreams? You can leave a message for interaction.

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