Is the “cube spaceship” near the sun, the mysterious number “2”, left by aliens?

Nowadays, the universe is no longer a distant existence for human beings. With the development of science and technology, we have entered the universe and launched a number of detectors to observe the every move of each planet. NASA has even released a picture of the huge solar energy absorbed by a spaceship near the United States. Is there any evidence that they are actually absorbing the solar energy?

Cube objects near the sun

Although our scientific and technological level is different from the past, we still can’t get near the sun. After all, the high temperature of thousands of degrees of the sun is unbearable. Looking for superior heat-resistant materials has become the focus of scientists’ consideration. There is no doubt that the cube spaceship staying near the sun naturally caused great controversy. This photo was taken by SOHO to observe the activities of the sun for us. Many people are very surprised when they see this picture. This cube object is certainly not a natural star. After all, the stars in the universe are spheres, not cubes. There is no way for our equipment to reach such a level, so the largest cube object can only have one origin, which is the high technology of aliens.

Are alien spaceships absorbing solar energy?

This conclusion makes many people very surprised. In recent decades, we have been looking for the trace of aliens, but it has no ideal effect. This cube object appears near the sun, indicating that it should be an alien spaceship. The science and technology level of aliens is very high, and the science and technology civilization that humans rely on in front of them is just inferior. It is with superb science and technology that they can roam freely in the universe. When the power system is unable to support them, they will stay near the sun and absorb the heat of the sun as a supplement of energy.

Numbers on the sun“


Since we have no way to get near the sun, this conclusion is also everyone’s conjecture. It didn’t take long for this cubic object to disappear into the universe. Some people have put forward different views. This cubic spaceship is actually the energy released by the sun, which only causes human visual deviation under the influence of a certain angle. In fact, there are many pictures like this. There was a picture spread on the Internet before. There is a mysterious number 2 on the surface of the sun. This number is clearly visible in the picture. Some people even suspect that this is a symbol left by aliens. What are they passing on to us?

“2” also stands for auspicious meaning in the number. Some people think that it may be that the alien civilization is courting us, but after analyzing, scientists find that this mysterious number is just the airflow caused by solar activity.

Although the existence of aliens has become a fact acknowledged by many people, there is no substantial evidence to find their tracks. Do you think the cubic spaceship near the sun will be the alien car?

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