Is the disappearance of the first six civilizations related to this alien race? Did the lizards save the humans?

The origin of human beings has always been a controversial topic in the scientific community. Over the years, a variety of conjectures have emerged one after another. Among them, there is also a bold conjecture that the reason why human beings evolved civilization is actually transformed by aliens. Before, there was a lesetta file circulating on the Internet, which also mentioned the origin of human beings. What’s the matter?

human civilization

According to the lesetta archives, human civilization has appeared on the earth seven times. Today’s human civilization is the seventh. The earth has experienced many disasters, and the previous civilizations have disappeared. These disasters are actually related to a race of aliens, called iloin, from the Pythagorean Galaxy in Taurus. Their civilization is very high. They came to the earth 1.5 million years ago. At that time, there were no human beings on the earth, and our ancestors were apes. When aliens came to earth and saw the apes, they had a crazy plan to transform their genes to accelerate their evolution.

Genetic modification

They first selected hundreds of apes to go to their own planet for genetic modification. After hundreds of years of experiments, aliens brought these apes back to earth and let them live together with the unmodified apes. After thousands of years of evolution, these transformed apes have evolved wisdom, while those naturally grown apes have been eliminated by nature because they are inferior.

Lizard man

In order to continue this experiment, the iloin race launched a war to see whether they have combat effectiveness. This war lasted for six times. It was not until the seventh civilization began that lizards intervened in the war and the aliens were defeated that human beings completely got rid of the control of the alien race.

The informant of the lesetta archives is the lizard people. The iloin race has caused several disasters on the earth, which has affected the lizard people’s survival on the earth. So they intervened in the war, and one race finally left the earth and took their own science and technology. This war has lasted for thousands of years. In our opinion, it is a fight between the legendary gods. Therefore, we can see the shadow of some alien life in many fairy tales. Maybe alien life has really come to the earth?

Of course, the lesetta archives have no scientific basis, and many people regard these revelations as legends of Chengdu. But we have to admit that some of the contents also point out the direction of human thinking. Maybe the myths and stories of thousands of years are not made up, but are real? I don’t know what you think?

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