Is the discovery of huge buildings in the Pacific Ocean, like a modern airport, related to aliens?

The process of human evolution is very long. In the past, the environment of the earth was bad. Human beings finally got a place on the earth by relying on their own hands. Later, with the development of the brain, human beings gave birth to wisdom, and we have become the overlord of the earth. Human beings have never stopped exploring. Until now, we are still curious about prehistoric civilization and alien life. Whether they ever appeared on earth is still an unsolved mystery.

“Underwater airport”

Scientists think that until the bottom of the sea, or no one has given up the wisdom to search for life. Aliens can build bases under the cover of the ocean. It seems strange to us, but scientists have made unexpected discoveries in the course of ocean exploration. In 2018, an amateur archaeologist discovered an “underwater airport”. This underwater building is located in the Pacific Ocean. At that time, he was using Google maps to look at the road when he suddenly found a huge building in front of him. According to the map, the scale of the building was very large, so he swam to the huge building. When he saw the huge building, he was shocked by the sight.

What appeared in front of him was a modern structure similar to an airport, with several runways crisscrossing, as if intelligent life had ever appeared on the seabed. This underwater building is 1800 meters away from the sea. According to the calculation of scientists, the width of each runway has reached 8 kilometers. The important scale is really unthinkable. Was it really a base for planes to take off long ago? Why are underwater buildings so grand? It’s not human at all.

Who built the underwater airport?

Some people speculate that this huge building may have been built by prehistoric civilization, but there have been many brilliant civilizations in human history, such as the well-known Atlantis. Many people think that they were submerged in the sea due to a flood. Maybe this building is the site of Atlantis.

Some people think that this underwater building is likely to be a masterpiece of aliens. If aliens really come to the earth and set up an alien base in the ocean, then this underwater building is likely to be the place where the spaceship takes off. As human beings never dare to stay in the ocean for a long time, the ocean has become the protection umbrella of aliens, so that aliens can appear on the earth unconsciously.

In fact, in the eyes of the scientific community, the probability of the existence of prehistoric civilization is very low. If they did appear, they would leave biological traces in the geological layer, but we have not found them until now. For us, aliens are still distant and strange. No one has really seen them. We can’t jump to the conclusion that underwater buildings are really related to aliens. I don’t know what you think of them?

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